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Become your Dream – it’s up to you!

For this art journal spread used layered stencil- like my crackle stencil and the Cityscape Stencil by my friend Julie – on top of each other and used Liquitex spray paints. I really love how the background pops out with those darker colors sprayed on top.



I sprayed on top again with a lighter color using my Circuit Stencil and also did some marks using markers (they are called markers for a reason, aren’t they? snigger)



I love the results when you use acrylic spray paints- I am so happy about the weather getting better now so I can use them more.


Have a beautiful day





The Yellow No. 2 Pencil or …a new canvas

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Finally I had time to create a new canvas -



the first one in my new home here in Jersey City. And of course…if you live in an old pencil factory – you have to get inspired by your surrounding buildings :)



It was a bit crazy to work on the canvas in the middle of unpacked boxes but I am so glad I did. I think I will do a couple more yellow pencil canvases…



Here are some of the supplies that I used


Have an amazing day





Stencil Blog Hop – Elephant March Stencil

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Welcome to my 7th Stencil  Blog Hop! This time I invited 4 wonderful artist friends to hop along with me and show case my StencilGirl Products Elephant March Stencil. It is a 9×12 inch stencil.



And I give away one Elephant March Stencil! Comment here for an entry into this giveaway! And if you also comment on all the other listed blogs I will  give you an entry into the giveaway for each blog you comment on–how cool is that! You have five chances to win it. Leave a comment on each of the listed blogs and on my blog  and let us know how you like the projects and I will pick randomly one lucky winner. You have time to comment till September 18, 2013 – midnight EST.

 Edited on September 23,2013: Congratulations Sharon Johnson – you win the Elephant March Stencil. Please contact me by October 10th, 2013 with your snail mail addy. -Nat

Here are my friends joining me this time :

Carolyn Dube wonderful artist and Stencil addict…give her a stencil and she does magic

Maria McGuire rocks the StencilGirl Talk blog and all kinds of beautiful projects

Marsha Valk Marsha my sweet and talented friend from the Netherlands

Jessica Sporn an amazing Mixed Media Artist and Illustrator who is soon an almost neighbor of mine ;)


WHY an elephant Stencil? I love elephants and we have a lot of family connections with elephants! My uncle Gerd used to work as a zoo keeper at the zoo in Wuppertal. His stories of the elephants always fascinated me the most. And as a little child my grandaunt Margot used to tell me the story of the Tuffi a female circus elephant who jumped out the famous monorail in Wuppertal into the river in 1950 (no elephant seriously hurt!). And I loved all kinds of stories elephant related…and Elephants can be represent so many things..memory, strength,  mental strength, fun, intelligence. Need more reasons or an elephant stencil? Nope- LOL- ok…let’s continue on

Check out some samples here:

Bildschirmfoto 2013-09-03 um 19.11.52

Here is what I created for today:


Loved working on this big canvas and applying layered stencils and collage elements and then spray paint – there is a lot of texture on this canvas.



So much fun how different all the elephants turned out



They make me really happy


Here are the supplies I used:


Now hop on over to my friends and check what they did and comment for some changes to win the stencil :)

Carolyn Dube

Maria McGuire

Marsha Valk

Jessica Sporn

Have a wonderful day











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