Photos of the Mixed Media Workshops at ESS in Florida

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I had such a great time with my Mixed Media Workshops at Everything Scrapbook and Stamps in Florida. Thanks to Michelle for bringing me back and being such a great host :) Here are some pictures of the three days I taught there:


Friday I taught a Mono printing Class – lot’s of fun and texture and I loved seeing my stencils and stamps being used so much :)




and we used loads of Liquitex Acrylic Paints.



And everyone was hands on :)




In between I learned that this is the only snow you can get in Florida ….sounded good to me with the arctic weather back home and comfy 86F at Lake Worth :)



Saturday I taught my Artvergnugen art journal class. My nifty students had practiced how to say Artvergnugen and were even able to show me :) Made me laugh big time!


We had an awesome day playing with paint and creating layers upon layers in our art journals








Sunday I taught a Collage Class- and I loved loved loved all the different results- it was loads of fun !







Thank you to all my amazing students for coming, being so amazingly creative and making me laugh! Until next time :)

Have a gorgeous day




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  • Laura Strack


    Looks like you all had so much fun! I can hear you laughing, right now, at their little English/German lesson. That’s hilarious!!


  • Belinda Basson


    Wow, they look like they had loads of fun and great projects to take home too!


  • Sue Clarke


    Just look at all that marvelous Liquitex products!
    My favorite is the page with the teal and brown feather stamp!!!


    • Profile photo of Nathalie Kalbach

      Nathalie Kalbach


      Not Stamped Sue- she hand drew it over the texture stamped images- pretty cool huh?


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Join me in Florida, Lake Worth for Mixed Media Workshops

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There are a couple seats still open for my Mixed Media Workshops at Everything Scrapbook & Stamps November 14-16, 2014 in Lake Worth, Florida. Come and join me :)

Friday 14, 2014 – Texture Journal – 6-9pm


Create wonderful texture pages with mono printing, stenciling and stamping techniques, encrust them with different Embossing Media and bind them together in a beautiful tactile art journal.

Saturday 15, 2014 – Artvergnugen – Art Journaling Class – 10.30am – 4.30 pm 


It starts the moment you sit down, an experience that is distinctly Art Journaling. A quick exhilaration, a sense of control, the art media’s surprising responsiveness as if they were simply an extension of you.

There is a word for this creative experience: Artvergnugen ! Artvergnugen is what makes your journal a piece of art.

Join Nathalie for a one-day workshop and play with different art media and supplies. Learn techniques, tips and tricks to take your art journaling further and turn it into Artvergnugen.

Sunday 16, 2014 – Play Transform: Mixed Media Collage – Noon- 6pm


In this one-day workshop Nathalie will share her favorite techniques to create background papers using paints, stencils, and stamps. Layered up it will turn into a fun Mixed Media Collage. Nat will share her fun and easy peasy collage techniques, talk a bit about composition and make a sticky business a creative new passion for you.


We will play with loads of fun acrylics, techniques and ideas in those workshops – don’t miss it .

Have a gorgeous day





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Photos of CREATE in Seattle

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It was such a fun trip and event at CREATE Mixed Media in Seattle. I taught four classes but arrived early the day before and Elena made sure I was visiting classes WAY OUT of my comfort zone for a couple hours myself – Jewelry Making and Metal working is not something I usually dabble in.


It is always good as a teacher to do something out of your comfort zone to get reminded how that feels for your students– and I enjoyed my awesome teacher friends Jen Crossley , Jen Cushman and Kristen Robinson (thanks Kristen for pretending I made the pendant using the torch myself- hahahah).


And at least we took a photo here accompanied by John Creighton Petersen – what a highlight of the event to have met him :)


My first clas was an all day Art Journal class called “It’s All About The Layers” and we did layer up indeed. It was a blast.


The second one was also an all day class called “Acrylic Media Demystified” and that is easily my favorite class to teach. We had so much fun playing with loads of different Liquitex acrylic media and techniques.


As always at those events I was just amazed by my students. Their talent, their personalities, their stories and the amazing work they do when they are not creative. Thank you for sharing your stories !


Without exaggeration I can say that meeting my students and other Mixed Media Teachers is besides arting my favorite thing in the world :)NatKalbach_Create_Seattle07

In the evening after my six hour class I taught another 3hour class- a Texture canvas – accompanied by a mean high wind hauling outside and a lot of flickering lights.


And sunday morning I taught a Texture Art Journal Technique class. I was in awe that my students were still ready to keep going after some of them had taken classes since Wednesday every day and night!


Thank you Liquitex for the support- that was awesome ! This was the last CREATE event of the year. My last two in-person classes for the year will be in November 14-16 in Lake Worth, Florida at Mixed Media at Everything Scrapbook & Stamps and November 21 in NYC at The InkPad. If you are in the area- maybe you want to join us :)

I wish you an amazing day




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  • Sue Clarke


    So much inspiration and I see elephants every where.


  • Jackie P Neal


    How much fun was had there Nat?!!!!
    I love Jen Crossley! How lucky to take a class with her!! And thanks for introducing me to John Creighton Petersen – I had never hear of him before , but now I am a fan!


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