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CJS 2016 Carmen Sanchez


About Cuchy:

I’m M. Carmen, but you can call me Cuchy. I always loved any kind of arts and crafts, and now I am totally hooked on mixed media layers and layers. I have been married for almost 25 years now and I have 2 children, who also like the crafty side of life.I studied music and piano and now I only “play it” when I clean it. I love chocolates and diet coke, and scotch. I’d rather read a good book than go to the movies. I am a “sassenach” and I know a few words in Gaelic. I slept in the street several times to get an opera ticket. I love bright colours. I usually tell what I’m thinking. I’m a messy, curious, cheerful, daydreamer, demanding, stubborn, thankful and happy girl.

You can find out more about me and my artwork, on my blog


Twitter: @cuchyy2k


Sample of Cuchy’s Style:


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