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CJS 2016 Michelle Ward


About Michelle:

Michelle Ward is a mixed media artist, freelance graphic designer, and workshop instructor.  She enjoys experimenting in different dimensional art forms but always returns to her favorite thing – working with paper and paint in journals. She is a columnist for Somerset Studio magazine and her work can be found in several books on journaling and related paper arts.  She is a rubber stamp and stencil designer, operating Green Pepper Press from her home studio in New Jersey, where she lives with her husband and their three children.

Stencils + Rubber stamps:


Sample of Michelle’s Work:

MW CJS Sampler2

Comments (3)

  • Sue Chesley


    Are you teaching all these projects in this workshop? SCORE!! I’d sign up even if you were the ONLY teacher here teaching just one teensy tiney workshop! It’s MICHELLE WARD!!! One of my all time favorites, and you are teaching ONLINE!!! SCORE!!!


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      Nathalie Kalbach


      Sue, these projects just resemble Michele’s style of work and they do not represent the workshop part she is teaching at CJS. Her video is awesome though and I agree having her doing an online workshop is awesome …I think it is her first 🙂


  • Profile photo of FlorenceTurnour



    Michelle, your work is amazing! I’ve got my spray paints and am anxiously awaiting a non-rainy moment to try them. Thanks!


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