About Glyn:

Glyn Macey can often be found roaming the harbors, moorland and coast of his native West Cornwall, sketchbook in hand, recording the details of daily Cornish life and history.

Using acrylic, mixed media and an array of mark making techniques he captures the underlying essence of the landscape, the essence that shapes the landscape and the people who live in it. Glyn uses acrylic, pencil and collage to gain the spontaneity of his work and the ‘happy accidents’ that he loves. By building and glazing color he is able to gain a rich depth. He believes that the unexpected unity of color and texture in mixed media can often create the most exciting results.

His paintings can be seen at select galleries around the U.K. and in many collections worldwide. His design work is found in major High Street retailers. 2001 saw the publication worldwide of posters by The Art Group and limited edition silkscreens by CCA Galleries.


Check out an example of Glyn’s artwork: