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Online Workshops

I purchased a workshop but  cannot access the workshops- when I click on the workshop I get redirected to the store

That’s simple: you need to be logged in. If you see shopping cart icons next to the workshops in the menu and if at the top of the page it reads “Login,” you are probably not logged in. Log in and you will see an eye next to the workshops that you purchased. Then just click on the one you want.




How do I log in?

OK, here’s the deal: click on the “login” link just under the n*Studio logo. Enter your username and password. If you lost the password you can ask to have it resend to the email address you entered when you registered. (When your are already logged in, you’ll see “Logout” along with “Your Acount” and “Favorites.”)




I am logged in- and I do not know how to get from the Welcome Page in my class to the lessons and videos

Once you are in a workshop, you have a option in the top right corner labelled JUMP TO PAGE. Click on it to see a menu with all lessons and pages for that workshop. Just click on the one lesson you want to go to.



I have purchased one of the Creative Jumpstarts (2014,2103, 2012) but I cannot find it anymore?

Access to CJS is limited until the end November of the year it was published. Meaning 2013 and 2012 are not available anymore. 2014 is/was available to access until end of November 2014.

I have purchased several workshops (other then Creative Jumpstart)  but I cannot access all of them

Please email me with your information and the names of the workshops you purchased, so I can check if there was a glitch when relaunching the website. I will happily add you back onto your classes.


Classroom Trouble Shooting – videos

Difficulty Viewing Videos

  • All the videos are working. They have been checked on different browsers and computers.
  • Make sure your device can play vimeo videos. Some devices can’t. If problems occur, watch from your laptop or desktop computer.
  • Some browsers may not play vimeo videos. Check your browser settings, or try a different browser.

Optimizing Video Playback

  • Make sure the video buffers. To do this press play. Then immediately pause the video. A grey bar moving towards the end of your video indicates buffering. If the playing the video catches up to the buffering, the video may stop.
  • Use external computer speakers. Some internal speakers may not be loud enough.
  • Adjust the sound for each video. Videos may have been recorded at different volume levels. You may have to turn up the volume for one video and turn it down the next.

Can I watch your Online Workshops on my mobile device?

It may or may not be possible to watch my workshop videos on your mobile. My workshops are  not optimized for viewing on mobile devices, and some devices may not be able to play videos or display all content. We recommend joining workshops from a laptop or desktop computer. Please ensure your computer or device is compatible before joining.

Purchasing Workshops

How can I pay if I do not have /want a paypal account?

you can pay with your credit card without having a paypal account. Here is how it works:

Go to the workshop you want to purchase.

Put the workshop in your cart, go through checkout, and click the “Place order” button to make the payment. This should take you to the PayPal page. When there, click on the link “Don’t have a PayPal account?”, which is below the PayPal login fields. You should then have the option to enter a credit card. Follow the steps on the screen to pay with your credit card.

I have a coupon code – how do I use it?

After adding the workshop to your cart add the coupon code in the field “apply coupon”


The discount will be visible after you applied the coupon, and you can proceed to checkout. Multiple discounts cannot be combined!

NOTE: There will be no refunds if you forget to apply the coupon code during the checkout procedure.


Can I purchase and register for Workshops for someone else?

No. To participate, each student needs permission to access workshops from her/his own user name and login. This permission is granted during checkout when the individual students purchases a workshop. You will not able to transfer access to workshop from your account to someone else’s.

If you want to give a workshop as a present, try the gift certificate in the online shop at n*Studio.



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  • Profile photo of judysander71



    Two questions for the class:
    Do you provide a pdf for the instructional videos since they are not lifetime available?

    Are the videos live instruction with voice or just a “demonstration” technique video?

    Thank you.


    • Profile photo of Nathalie Kalbach

      Nathalie Kalbach


      Judith, Creative Jumpstart is the only online workshop every year on my blog that is only available for a limited time You have access until the end of November 2015. There will be no pdfs. As for the videos being live instructions or just a demonstration technique video- I am not quite sure what you mean. The videos are being uploaded and they are not live streamed. I hope this answers your questions -let me know if you have more. Nat


  • Profile photo of windinn



    I’ve been linking to the artists’ bios on your page as I blog about Creative JumpStart 2015, and it just occurred to me that in November these bios may not be available? Is this correct? If so, I’ll need to change the links so far.


  • Profile photo of bethinil2003



    I can still see the videos for 2015 which surprised me…How long will they be up as I did not watch all of them last year?


    • Profile photo of Nathalie Kalbach

      Nathalie Kalbach


      They will be gone any day- I just didn’t get around to put them down. So if you need to watch some of the videos still, rather hurry up 😉


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