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CJS 2015 Jenn Mason


About Jenn:

Jenn Mason is a creative soul in search of great challenges. She dreams up apps in the shower, and solves content marketing issues by the time she reaches the bottom of her cereal bowl. Want to know something about video production, editorial calendars, mixed-media art, product licensing, television hosting, illustration, or writing a book (or 6)? Jenn’s your gal Friday. She can see a problem at 50 paces and can solve it by the time you pull your gun. Her drug of choice is ideation. Give her pain point and watch her brainstorm. She thinks in big picture mode from her converted carriage house that once housed horses, a plumber, Nelson Mandela’s daughter, and a recording studio that J. Geils was rumored to record in–not all that the same time.







Twitter: @everydayartist


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    Awesome video, Ms. Jenn! I love your work. I am just starting out (better late than never) on this public art journey and it is very intimidating. I grew up a crafter and have self taught online the last 5 years in mixed media. Thanks so much for the inspiration!


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    I sure got a lot out of your use of the pens and the layering you did on this project….thanks, Leslie


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