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CJS 2015 Limor Webber



About Limor:

I am a Mixed Media artist both in the craft industry and fine arts.  I am a mom to two beautiful daughters and a wife to a  husband that is beyond supportive of my passion and my work.

I am an Educator for several manufacturers in both the Crafting and Arts industry which allows me to travel around the world and spread the love of art everywhere!

My classes are primarily focused on the Individual’s discovery of mediums and techniques both in the Mixed Media world and Scrapbooking/Crafting.  I am a technique Junkie which leads me to a road of discovery through possibilities in my art I never saw possible.  My passion is teaching but more importantly it is my mission in life to enliven others and allow them to discover their hidden talents.  I love watching my students find their new self expression in a piece of art especially when at the beginning they feel constrained.   I feel truly blessed to have the privilege to travel around the world and share my passion with new as well as experienced artists and crafters around the globe.

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