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Creative JumpStart Meet-Ups

Creative JumpStart  teamed up with some stores for local Gatherings/MeetUps– In those meetups you can meet other Jumpers (and sometimes JumpStarter) and create something together based on the videos at CJS. Check out below if there is a meetup near you!

If you are a store who wants to do this – please contact me!

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    Hi! I am doing this Jump Start for the first time. Are there many people involved in Maine or the New Hampshire area? I opened a small shop in Southern Maine and wondered if there were any people interested in meeting. Do participants bring their own materials to use? If they meet in your space, what are you responsible for. I was an art educator for 37 years and miss the time meeting with other artists. My shop is small. I could take 6-8 people in my shop.
    Linda Stanley
    Artistic Makings


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      Nathalie Kalbach


      Linda – to hold an official CJS meeting in a store you have to host, make sure everyone who comes is a CJS students, advertise the event and also have the materials or a discount on the materials in your store at the day of the event. You would have to contact me so we could talk about the details- basically you would reach out to your own community to set it up. I want the meet -ups to be a social event that brings like minded people together. If it is run by a store- the store should “give” something too. If that makes sense. Please contact me if you have further questions.


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