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Flip traditional color meanings upside down by developing your own personal associations for each color in the color wheel! In Acrylic Painting Workshop: Colorful Backgrounds, I explain my method for creating personality-related meanings for each color, and how that might help you understand which colors you’re most drawn to. Work alongside myself, and student Kristy Conlin, to create five art journal background spreads each with a different color and mixed-media technique. After creating these backgrounds I will give you my tips for mixing and matching different colors with different techniques, and how to create and audition focal points. With these new color meanings and techniques, you’ll have journal page starters for every mood!

In this video you will:

  • Create 5 art journal backgrounds to get past the fear of the blank page
  • Get tips for creating and using focal points in your art journal spreads
  • Enjoy 109 minutes of premier workshop instruction

Watch a preview of this video here!

Materials List


  • Art Journal or loose watercolor paper


  • Liquitex matte fluid medium
  • Liquitex matte gel medium
  • Liquitex Soft Body paints, Nat uses Brilliant Yellow Green, Yellow Light Hansa, Brilliant Blue, Quinacridone Crimson, Pyrrole Crimson, Ultramarine Blue, Ivory Black, Titanium White, Pyrrole Orange, Fluorescent Pink, Deep Magenta, Prism Violet, Unbleached Titanium, Yellow Orange Azo

Other Materials and Supplies

  • Artist’s tape
  • Baby wipes without alcohol
  • Book paper or newspaper
  • Color wheel
  • Cosmetic sponges
  • Craft heat gun
  • Craft sheet
  • Deli paper, pre-painted
  • Detachable brayer
  • Liquitex Basics fan brush
  • Liquitex Freestyle no. 12 flat paintbrush
  • Liquitex Freestyle painter’s knife 17
  • Old gift card or hotel key card
  • Palette paper
  • Paper towels or rag
  • Shallow container for storing stamps
  • Stampendous Stamps, Mark Maker and Fiesta sets
  • Stencils by StencilGirl Products, Lilly Wallpaper and Batik
  • Tissue paper or sewing pattern paper
  • Water jar
  • Water mister
  • Wax candle


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