Urban Scribble Foam Stamp, Cling Rubber, and Stencil Set

Urban Scribble Foam Stamp Set
Urban Scribble Box Set 03Urban Scribble Box Set Photo 02Urban Scribble Box Set Photo 01City_WoodenCanvas_Inspire01 copyNatKalbach_FollowShinyBall01500 Salt Lake City Mixed Media Painting - Gwen Lafleur - WM


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Product Description

Urban Scribble gives you tons of possibilities for canvases, journals, and other mixed media projects. The cling rubber stamp contains the city details. The foam stamp features a solid side which can serve as a background, and a patterned side for more city fun. The coordinating stencil can add lights to your buildings, or texture to your background and images.

3 pcs.

Stamp measures 6-3/4” X 4-5/8”.

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