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Workshop Welcome Page Template

Welcome to  the Über*Media {workshop_title} Online Workshop.

I am so thrilled to have you here.

Let me help you with a couple things about the class- like what you need and how this works and how to troubleshoot things :)

Classroom Set Up and Ethics:

  • The videos are divided in 10 to 20 minute bites. I do this so the videos load faster but also so that once you are done with that step you can easier just watch the next video or if you want to review something you know where to find it.
  • The sound is right now adjusted a bit louder to help people with no extra speakers. I am working on this. The best sound- as in all – can be achieved by using computer speakers – those of you who have such – you might want to turn your volume a bit down for this workshop ;)
  • I would love you to share your work with me, the other students or other people. You can do so by leaving a comment here with a link and we can all check. You can of course also take pictures of your work and share it on our blog or facebook. What I ask you though as a basic ethic, is when you take a workshop with me, it is not ok to share how exactly how you did the project – as in teaching others how to do it – or selling this as your own workshop later on. You can use all the techniques and such I show you of course- but if you are a workshop teacher, you rather wanna come up with something that is your own ;)
  • If you have any questions about the workshop, please feel free to let me know in the comment section or email me. Often times having a conversation with several students in the comments is much more fun though- so if you feel ok with it, just do it there ;)
  • Please do not pin any images from my password protected classes to Pinterest.
  • Do not share the password or class log-in

Classroom Trouble Shooting:

Difficulty Viewing Videos

      • All the videos are working. They have been checked on different browsers and computers.
      • Make sure your device can play vimeo videos. Some devices can’t. If problems occur, watch from your laptop or desktop computer.
      • Some browsers may not play vimeo videos. Check your browser settings, or try a different browser.

      Optimizing Video Playback

      • Make sure the video buffers. To do this press play. Then immediately pause the video. A grey bar moving towards the end of your video indicates buffering. If the playing the video catches up to the buffering, the video may stop.
      • Use external computer speakers. Some internal speakers may not be loud enough.
      • Adjust the sound for each video. Videos may have been recorded at different volume levels. You may have to turn up the volume for one video and turn it down the next.



See you soon 🙂



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