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    Welcome to Nat’s Creative Hood, a chat group for the Nathalie Kalbach nStudio community! Here it is all about connecting with like-minded people, getting inspiration, discussing creative ideas, and sharing the work you’ve created using nStudio products or that was inspired by my work or workshops. I moderate and read all your discussions, respond, and participate in the group as needed and as often as I can.

    This chat group is as much about YOU – your artwork, your questions, your desire to create & connect, and your journey as an artist or becoming a full-time artist – as it is about me. I hope you stay motivated, get inspired, share your work, give and receive feedback, and enjoy my tips to turn your creative passion into a full-fledged business.

    Be Respectful!

    First and foremost, always play nice in Nat’s Creative Hood.

    We promote creativity, positivity, & inclusivity

    No politics, obvious self-promotion, direct sales, store links, nasty behavior, or any conduct that is typically a “no-no” in an art group. Let’s keep this group fun, inspiring & supportive.

    Share your n*Studio or CJS workshop inspired work here

    I would love for you to share your creative work here if it is inspired by me, was made in one of my workshops and/or was created using products of mine.

    Please do your best to add mostly original posts

    Post original posts rather than those shared from other groups you are in or from another platform. Use your common sense when sharing content that links to other sites.

    Can’t wait to connect with you in the chat group!


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