About Autour:

Abs, who also goes by the artistic alter-ego Autour de Mwa, is the founder of AALL & Create, a new venture dedicated to new encounters and the sharing and exchange of creative ideas.

He’s a passionate individual who likes to live life to the fullest and who launched himself into scrapbooking and Mixed Media in 2011. He’s adventurous and curious; he loves learning and discovering new things and travels the world in pursuit of his passion: Algeria, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium – he never stops!

He demonstrates great freedom of expression in his work, with a personal style that is 100% free and sometimes flirts with mixed media.

He’s a member of several creative teams for well-known brands in Europe and elsewhere, including being a popular contributor to Scrap Magazine. With AALL & Create he wanted to share a colourful world, full of life, which would give people the joy of unleashing their creativity in a unique atmosphere.