About John Creighton Petersen:

John Creighton Petersen is a lifelong resident of Seattle, Washington (USA). Although his degree is in photography, his vast knowledge of a variety of art mediums has led him to become a mixed media fusion artist. Even as a child, John has always had an obsession with paper and everything that could be done with it- lettering, painting, collage and even bookmaking. This passion for paper arts lead him into a variety of different fields along the way including printing and design. In high school he began making journals from old books where he kept sketches, ideas, clippings, and day to day adventures which naturally led him into the altered arts- and three shelves of books! Along the way John collected a few more “obsessions” including calligraphy, beading, and rubber stamping. All of these creative endeavors are combined into creating artwork which fuses these mediums into mixed media works.