Creative JumpStart 2022

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Creative JumpStart is a one-of-a-kind online workshop event to jumpstart your creativity in the New Year.

Enjoy a month PLUS of Mixed Media Lessons, Bonus Lessons and a recorded Webinar, a NEW Forum for connecting with your fellow students and teachers, Daily Emails to keep you on track and push you further (Daily emails only available Jan01 – Feb 07), and countless opportunities for YOU to find Artistic Inspiration and Connection with a community of other creatives! Jump with Us!

The Theme this year is: Creating Connections

It is human nature to seek out connections and as artists we take it even further, finding connections between our ideas, materials, techniques, audience, and more with what we create. When we get it right it can feel like Art Kismet – the stars have aligned and we are fulfilling our artistic destiny! Other times it is a struggle and we must face the challenges of mastering our craft, communicating our ideas, and the possibility of imperfection. Creating connections is not always a straightforward process.

This year our amazing lineup of Artist Teachers was asked to use their artwork to create connections – with a lesson that celebrates, explores, seeks out, or addresses connections through the subject matter, materials, methods, or concepts of their choosing. They will share with us how their artmaking makes connections with others, how they connect with certain materials, or even how sometimes connections are difficult to make, but still worthy of striving for.

Join us for Creative JumpStart 2022 and learn how different Mixed Media Artists and Crafters translate our theme into their own work, sharing with you their creative process, techniques, tips, tricks, and ideas on how to develop your own style, hone your artmaking skills, and JumpStart YOUR Creativity in 2022!

This edition of CJS is more interactive than ever: you get 38 DOWNLOADABLE video lessons (over 6 hours of unique content for $79 (USD) – a great value at only $2.08 per video) to create a library of tutorials that you can keep forever, Daily Emails with additional tips and ideas (Daily Emails only available Jan 01 – Feb 07), a Webinar to help guide you through the ups and downs of making art, Awesome Sponsor Giveaways from our sponsors ArtFoamies, Gelli Arts, Ampersand, Grafix, and StencilGirl (Giveaways end Feb 15), and our NEW Forum where you can connect with students and teachers and share your artwork and ideas.


*Please read Terms and Conditions download info below*

How does Creative JumpStart  2022 work?

Each day beginning January 1, a new video posted in the online classroom – all 38 unique video lessons have now been posted. Participate in the classroom forum, ask questions and post comments, and show and share your interpretation of the projects to get the most from the CJS community. You will have access to downloadable project supply lists and additional special features to inspire you. The classroom will be open until the middle of November 2022 and the videos can be downloaded in the classroom and then kept forever!

Join the 38 different artists we call “JumpStarters” as they share their creative techniques and project ideas. They’ll be bringing their unique style and favorite media and methods to the classroom to share with you.

For only $79 you’ll get:

  • A series of 38 technique- and project-based videos from 38 artists from around the world.
  • A Webinar where you will hear a special guest speaker
  • Convenient learning format – each video is about 10 minutes long for a total total of over 6 hours of video content.
  • Downloadable videos – download before November 2022 to enjoy them forever.
  • Daily Emails to help you stay on track and to even take the lesson ideas further  (Daily Emails only available Jan 01 – Feb 07)
  • NEW Forum where you can connect with students and teachers, post your artwork and ideas, and meet other creatives who are jumping just like you!
  • Information about new creative and innovative products and techniques you might not have used before.
  • Inspiration to jumpstart your own artwork and cultivate a creative habit throughout the year
  • Methods to translate artwork by others into your own style.

If you’re looking for new ideas and inspiration, Creative JumpStart is for you!

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for the Mixed Media Hobby Artist who wants to jumpstart their creativity in a wide field of projects, techniques and mediums. It is suited for beginners to intermediate artists – with a couple projects for the advanced audience. From Art Journaling and mixed media based ideas, from project-based videos to inspirational videos, to technique-based videos – there is something for everyone!

What supplies will I need?

Most of the 38 CJS22 lessons can be done with whatever Mixed Media supplies you have at home. But there are some special tools and supplies you will learn about when the time is right and then you can decide whether or not you want to purchase and use them. 

Keep in mind that all the teachers have their own favorite brands and tools which sometimes can be substituted by other brands or tools. All the supplies a teacher uses in their video will be posted in the classroom on their lesson page.

In order to give you a general idea and guideline, we tried to break up the supplies into the following categories: Basic, Used Often and Very Specific.

Below you will find the Basic and Used Often categories so that you can get a feel for what is needed and what might be fun to also have. The Very Specific supply list will be available upon registration in the Welcome to CJS22 lesson. There you will find links to the supplies in each of the categories: Basic, Often Used, and Very Specific. Each artist’s lesson will also include links to the supplies that they have used.


These are the basic supplies you should have to be able to follow along with most of the lessons.

Printer / Copy Paper, White Cardstock, Watercolor Paper (primarily cold press), Collage / Printed Papers, Matte Medium, Acrylic Paints, Watercolor Paints, Acrylic Markers, Colored Pencils, Paint Brushes (Acrylic and watercolor), Rubber Brayer, Stencils, Rubber Stamps, Ink Pads, Pencil No 2 and Stabilo All Black, Glue Stick and Scissors

Used Often 

These are supplies that a lot of teachers use. They sometimes can be substituted by other supplies which you can always ask about in the class. There might be things on this list that you have always wanted to purchase anyway, so maybe now is a good time! 

Art Journal, Tracing Paper, Fabric, Gelli Plate, White Gesso, Chalk Paint / Matte Paint, Sharpie, Washi Tape, Double Sided Adhesive, Ribbon, Embroidery Thread and Needle, Palette / Palette Paper, Awl / Paper Piercer, Craft Knife, Cutting Mat, Ruler, Spray Bottle



By signing up for CJS, you agree not to give your private log-in and any password information to anyone else. The enrollment fee is for one person only. After the payment confirmation is sent to you, cancellation is no longer possible. Tuition is not refundable.

All videos are under the copyright of the artists and are for private use only and cannot be shared. You may not teach/re-teach the information in the videos or use it for any online or print publications.

Streaming: If you plan on using Streaming only, please sign up only if you are able to watch vimeo hosted videos. All videos are posted in this format. See to test your computer. Some older computers and software may have problems playing the videos. We are not responsible for troubleshooting playback difficulties of the videos. Note that CJS is not optimized for viewing on mobile devices. Some devices may not be able to play videos or display all content. We recommend joining CJS from a laptop or desktop computer. Please ensure your computer or device is compatible BEFORE joining.

Downloads: You will be able to download the videos until November 2022 so that you can watch them offline and keep them forever. Download terms and conditions will be posted when you download the first video and in order to do so, you will have to agree to those terms and conditions.

*Please read the following information regarding downloads: You can download our vimeo videos any time to a desktop computer or laptop. Downloading to certain mobile devices including Apple devices can be problematic in some cases depending on the age and model of the device (an unfortunate limitation to these devices). Please verify the capabilities of your device before purchasing this workshop/workshop collection. Unfortunately we cannot provide technical support for all the different models of devices out there. We recommend researching various support pages to learn about your device and its capabilities, for example the Apple Support page here For additional information about downloads, visit my Help page here

There are 57 lessons in this workshop:
  • Welcome to the CJS22 Classroom
  • CJS22 – Let’s Jump!
  • May 20 – Virtual Art Show – “Creating Connections”
  • Jan 01 – Nathalie Kalbach
  • Jan 02 – Rae Missigman
  • Jan 03 – Carolyn Dube
  • Jan 04 – Marsha Valk
  • Jan 05 – Gwen Lafleur
  • Jan 06 – Andrea Chebeleu
  • Jan 07 – DeeDee Catron
  • Jan 08 – Mystele Kirkeeng
  • Jan 08 – Giveaway from Grafix
  • Jan 09 – Riikka Kovasin
  • Jan 10 – Jodi Ohl
  • Jan 11 – Kristin Williams
  • Jan 12 – Sarah Matthews
  • Jan 13 – Iris Fritschi-Cussens
  • Jan 14 – Sandra Evertson
  • Jan 15 – Kae Pea
  • Jan 15 – Giveaway from ArtFoamies
  • Jan 16 – Drew Steinbrecher
  • Jan 17 – Birgit Koopsen
  • Jan 18 – Rowan Sivyer
  • Jan 19 – Martice Smith
  • Jan 20 – Catherine Scanlon
  • Jan 21 – Tania Ahmed
  • Jan 22 – Natalya Khorover
  • Jan 22 – Giveaway from Gelli Arts
  • Jan 23 – Tina Walker
  • Jan 24 – Kim Dellow
  • Jan 25 – Joe Rotella
  • Jan 26 – Jane LaFazio
  • Jan 27 – Tonya Samuels
  • Jan 28 – Nancy Curry
  • Jan 28 – Webinar – Karen C. Auld
  • Jan 29 – Mary Beth Shaw
  • Jan 29 – Giveaway from StencilGirl
  • Jan 30 – Amanda Trought
  • Jan 31 – Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
  • Feb 01 – Jen Crossley
  • Feb 02 – Andrea Gomoll
  • Feb 03 – Rachel Greig
  • Feb 04 – Cheiron Brandon
  • Feb 05 – Jimmy Leslie
  • Feb 05 – Giveaway from Ampersand
  • Feb 06 – Seth Apter
  • CJS22 Bonus Lesson – Carolyn Dube
  • Feb 07 – Danielle Donaldson
  • CJS22 Bonus Lesson – Rae Missigman
  • Feb 11 – Wrap Party!
  • CJS22 – Giveaway Winners
  • CJS22 Bonus Lesson – Kim Dellow
  • CJS22 Bonus Lesson – Andrea Chebeleu
  • CJS22 Bonus Lesson – Nancy Curry
  • CJS22 Bonus Lesson – Amanda Trought
  • CJS22 Bonus Lesson – Marsha Valk
  • CJS22 – Download Links
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