New home for Korki or…Neighbors don't call the police, please!

Despite the fact that I do not possess a green thumb, there are plants on our roof garden that seem to like us…or maybe they just developed unbelievable survival tactics.

There are two of those plants…I think the number says it all- LOL.  We gave them names. There is PJ- our maple tree, named after PJ’s pancake house in Princeton, NJ where my hubs took me on a date once ;) and Korki in German a “Korkspindel” and in English…a new word for me “Winged Spindle or Burning Bush”.

Last winter Korki’s home broke…and I can assure you, carrying up huge flower pots that cost gazillion of Euros and lot’s of dirt is not our most favorite task every spring. But apparently carrying down huge stone plates from an old torn down chimney on our roof wasn’t a favorite task of the craftsmen working on our roof last year either. They secretly pushed five of those super heavy stone plates underneath our terrace…..

So my husband had the idea of using those plates and create a new home for Korki…and then he asked me to spray paint it. Which I was first a bit hesitant- but then on a nice sunny hot afternoon, I got my evil graffiti-spray outfit on ;)

wearing my army pants and a tank top, took out my Golden Montanas and my Stencils- including the awesome Crafter’s Workshop Stencils by Julie Fei Fan Balzer and started the fun

Funny thing is, as soon as you start shaking those spray paint bottles, people start showing up at windows and balconies around looking at you…one of these days the old couple across the street might call the police- I think they don’t know what they should make out of me- LOL.

It was lot’s of fun although a bit intimidating since I wasn’t sure if that was what my husband had in mind when he asked me.

Well- he liked it very much – it brings some fun colors into our roof garden and he even said we should do more of those. Can you believe that I am the conservative person here, saying…mmhhh- have to think about it? LOL

I so love the texture and how the colors glow…and Korki…Korki really seems to enjoy its new home…

What do you think, should I add more crazy color to our roof garden or is one crazy pot enough?

Have a gorgeous day


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  • Maria Schmidt


    Auf jeden Fall mehr!!!! Das schreit nach mehr! Das sieht so cool aus! Genial und absolut ganz Nat!


  • MichaelaBM


    looks beautiful!! At least one more for your second plant.


  • Bev W.


    More for sure!!! Korki looks soooooo happy:)


  • Rhonda Zamora


    More, please.


  • Julie Short


    Add the colour then add some more Natalie. It would be so happy making.


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