Signals Stencil 9×12


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This stencil design is based on vintage roller stamps that Nathalie found in an antique shop in Germany. Its subtle pattern calls to mind the blips and beeps of a telegram, radar sweep, or the music for a player piano. The delicate and irregular marks can be used to create fields of pattern, continuous backgrounds, and loads of visual texture (with a hint of static and interference) in your art journal, mixed media pieces, and artwork.

Our stencils are 7 mil mylar; a plastic film that is heat resistant, thick enough to be strong and long-lasting, yet thin enough to provide a seamless look in your art. Use them with acrylic paints, inks, spray paints, pan pastels, markers, pens, and more for a unique pattern that will set your artwork apart.

This stencil measures 9 x 12 inches

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