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Last week my wonderful and creative friend Joe Rotella (who also takes care of me at CHA and sees to that I am actually eating my lunch there – and that EVERY year- LOL) invited me to join an Around the World Blog Hop  and so I will answer 4 questions he left me with :)


1. What are you working on right now?

mmmhh – LOL. I am working on a couple projects at the moment which I cannot really talk about …they are all making me super excited …and I cannot wait to share with you :) But …besides that…I have on my desk right now something I prepared and tested for a project I planned to do tonight at a class I am taking at the Museum of Modern Art.


I created a face stencil – hand drawn and then used Julie’s Scan N Cut Machine. I will use it tonight to imitate my version of a Roy Lichtenstein copy…well…lol- let’s see ;)

2. How does my work differ from offers?

Oh Brother….what a question – LOL. I think my main difference is that I totally dive into my favorite art media and try to understand every single bit of them to make them my friends and to communicate with them during my creating part. Now that makes me sound like a weird person…but then on the other hand…here you go…I am weird ;)


3. Why do I create?

It sounds cliche, I know- but because I have to. It wasn’t always that way but creating art made me a more complete person.


I am calmer and more relaxed and happier when I created art. I get cranky when I have days where I cannot create – actually I am a bit cranky right now because a lot of the things I am working on right now have to be done at the computer.

4. How does my creative process work?

It starts with a slight idea and the urge to get started. Then I start creating. I do not let the picture in my head ruin my creating flow …I let the happenings guide me – going back and forth between control and happy accidents. It is a long process but I love it. Here is a piece that I am doing it with right now – it is not finished yet.


Of course I should keep the around the world blog hop- chain going…but because I totally forgot about it and I stink…I am probably the bad person who interrupts the chain. I am also just a human being…But maybe the two I list right here will pick it up – in any event their blogs are fun to check out :)

I always love to see what Marsha in the Netherlands is up to and as we are already in the Netherlands…also my friend Birgit Koopsen :)

And with this…I am off …I told you I was cranky, right? I gotta create at least for a couple minutes now – LOL.

Have a gorgeous day





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  • Birgit Koopsen


    Yeah!! Love it! Loved to read your answers and I will happily participate! I will do it this week! So I need to tag 2 people to keep it going?


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As Easy as 1-2-3 Background² Art Journal Page

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A couple days ago I showed a tutorial on how to create an easy background in your art journal 


and I promised to show what I would do with the result later. I just added a bit of stamping over both pages to tie it together, added the image , painted it with markers and then added the journaling. It was a quick but liberating art journal spread.

Here are the supplies that I used after I created the initial background:


I hope you liked seeing the transition :) Have a wonderful day






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Photos of the Mixed Media Workshops at ESS in Florida

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I had such a great time with my Mixed Media Workshops at Everything Scrapbook and Stamps in Florida. Thanks to Michelle for bringing me back and being such a great host :) Here are some pictures of the three days I taught there:


Friday I taught a Mono printing Class – lot’s of fun and texture and I loved seeing my stencils and stamps being used so much :)




and we used loads of Liquitex Acrylic Paints.



And everyone was hands on :)




In between I learned that this is the only snow you can get in Florida ….sounded good to me with the arctic weather back home and comfy 86F at Lake Worth :)



Saturday I taught my Artvergnugen art journal class. My nifty students had practiced how to say Artvergnugen and were even able to show me :) Made me laugh big time!


We had an awesome day playing with paint and creating layers upon layers in our art journals








Sunday I taught a Collage Class- and I loved loved loved all the different results- it was loads of fun !







Thank you to all my amazing students for coming, being so amazingly creative and making me laugh! Until next time :)

Have a gorgeous day




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  • Laura Strack


    Looks like you all had so much fun! I can hear you laughing, right now, at their little English/German lesson. That’s hilarious!!


  • Belinda Basson


    Wow, they look like they had loads of fun and great projects to take home too!


  • Sue Clarke


    Just look at all that marvelous Liquitex products!
    My favorite is the page with the teal and brown feather stamp!!!


    • Profile photo of Nathalie Kalbach

      Nathalie Kalbach


      Not Stamped Sue- she hand drew it over the texture stamped images- pretty cool huh?


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