Attention or… In My Art Journal Today

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Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity – Kurt Weil


The page spread I used for this, was covered with different colors and and some collage from a class demo and I wasn’t super keen on keeping it, so I covered the page up with black gesso, giving it a nice smooth black coating. Then I pulled out my Stampendous n*Studio Fiesta stamp set and a white Ink pad and created some pattern repeatedly stamping each individual stamp in clusters – kind of forming a drop curtain.


I also used the stencils and mask included in the stamp set and outlined the man and woman silhouette with a white Signo pen, then added some color with Derwent Artbars inside and blended the colors with a waterbrush. I love the effect of the Artbars (water-soluble wax bars) on top of the black gesso. For the quote I simply dipped my bamboo sketching pen into white acrylic Ink and kept writing.

It was fun – and I love how the white pops off the black and I had lot’s of fun using the stamps in this way.

Here is a supply list


Are you doing lot’s black and white themed art journal pages? I feel drawn to it although I am a total color gig ๐Ÿ˜‰



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Artist Quote of the Week โ€“ Henri Matisse

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  • Barb


    All artists quotes mean more to those are really and truly have great talent like you and can understand the meaning of the quotes.
    Sending you this. I enjoy him so much. Amazing talent.
    Thanks for sharing


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Stroll Through The Hood โ€“ August 2015

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What a beautiful summer this is ย – perfect to stroll through the hood :)


Graffiti by Emilio Florentine – love the energy!



Pedestrian Area down town – someone started painting those ugly planters – YES . so much better and making me really happy!


Beautiful window display by one of my favorite stores in Jersey City – Beekman Lane . It’s even prettier from inside with the light coming through the glassware into the store !


Loved the colors of the boarded windows against the brick – would love to have ย a studio in this building.


Another awesome brick house – I love the details of the the windows and around the window as well as the alcove.


Not sure what this frame around a porch is called in english – but look at the gorgeous cut outs – super inspiring as a pattern for an Art Journal Spread.



Loving the colors, the lines, the font, the face – everything – about this by Christina Angelina aka @starfightera


And for the first time while waiting for my trainer in our community room of the building I realized these awesome textures -loving the brick, copper, wood, ceramic and textile mixture and the color scheme is speaking to me for fall.


Since I am a sucker for sunflowers, this makes me happy. I love those little community garden oases all over Jersey City.

Hope you enjoyed the stroll through the hood this month – until next time!



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  • Kathy P


    Wow—living here would be such a delight! A feast for the eyes everywhere you look! Thanks for sharing, Nat—Jersey City is now on my bucket list of places to see.


    • Profile photo of Nathalie Kalbach

      Nathalie Kalbach


      It is fun to live here- and if you are visiting the Big Apple a great place to stay as it is so close by and way cheaper.


  • Sue Clarke


    I especially love that first photo of the black and purple design.
    I always enjoy your strolls thru the neighborhood.


    • Profile photo of Nathalie Kalbach

      Nathalie Kalbach


      Sue, glad you like the strolls! I love that black and purple design too – so striking!


  • Roberta S


    I love reading your posts because they are always so upbeat and positive. I am a country girl through and through, but I enjoy your insight into the beauty that can be found in an urban setting. I find street art to be totally amazing, and I love seeing all the buildings you find on your strolls. Thank you for showing us the beauty to be found in our older cities if only one is willing to make the effort to find it.


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