Halfway There or… In My Art Journal Today

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“Believe you can and you’re halfway there”

I do believe 😉 big time …so bring it on- LOL


This is actually a page I made teaching my art journaling class at Pratt- it was so much fun. Lot’s of stamping, scraping paints and stenciling.


Here are some of the materials I used – some of the links are affiliate links.


Please note: Some links on this blog are affiliate links for which I receive a small percentage of any sales generated by the link.

Hope you are halfway there too 🙂 Have a wonderful day



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Inspiration from Around the Globe… August!

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nspiration from around

This Tuesday we’re taking a short break from our Creative Squad (they will be back next week with one last “Say Yes to New Adventures” project) to bring you some amazing projects from around the globe. As you know, my stamps and stencil designs are available for purchase online and maybe even in your local craft store, so crafters and mixed media artists and art journalers from around the world are using them. I am always excited to see how YOU use my products in your own projects. I am even more excited to share some of the beautiful and creative examples of these projects with you today. Enjoy this inspiration from around the globe!

Global Kathy Adams South Carolina

First we have a whole flock of feathered friends (yes, that’s my Bird Foam Stamp set in action) from Kathy Adams in South Carolina. Her four mini canvases are inspired by the four seasons and are super fun!

Global Andrea Braun Germany

From Andrea Braun in Germany we have a beautifully textured art journal page using my Urban Scribble Foam Stamp set.  I love how she incorporates the alphabet in low relief in this one.

Vicky Papaioannou from Greece brings us this happy and colorful art journal page featuring my Elephant Foam Stamp set.  Watch how she creates this vibrant spread and how she masters the use of my stamp set too!
Global Tina Walker Pennsylvania

Global Tina Walker PA 2

From Pennsylvania, our newest Creative Squad member Tina Walker demonstrates 2 really cool ways to use my Fashion Dame stamp set. First she casts adorable little resin jackets to use on some really sweet tags and then she puts together a fresh looking art journal page.

Global Judi Kauffman 1 Global Judi Kauffman 2

Here are a couple of envelopes by Judi Kauffman in Maryland using my Bird Foam Stamp set.  I just love how she used all the pieces in the set, including the stencil, to create these charming envelopes. Wouldn’t you love to find one of these in your mailbox?

Global Riikka Kovasin Finland

Finally is this nifty printed canvas pencil case from one of my former students, Riikka Kovasin from Finland.  She layered a bunch of designs including my Marks stamp set on this little case and the results are awesome.

Join us again next Tuesday for another great project from one of our Creative Squad members!  And in the meantime, share with me what you’ve been working on with my stamps and stencils.  I would love to feature your project in an upcoming post!

Try some of the above techniques for yourself with these n*Studio supplies:



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  • Sue Clarke


    Love love love the canvas pencil case!!!


  • Joi @RR


    What fun to see your FAB stamps and stencils in so many creations from around the world. Smiling big! Xj.


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Photoshoot at F+W in Cincinnati, Ohio

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This June I went to Cincinnati for the photo shoot for my book. It was such a fun week and I loved learning yet another step on how an art & craft book gets put together.


Christine is the awesome photographer for F+W and here she is taking photos of some of my artwork for the book. What takes me ages to do took her about 2 seconds per painting.


The interesting part was how the step-outs for the book are being photographed. There was an insane amount of pre work involved. Basically each step needs to be prepared so it can be photographed without stopping and waiting for paint to dry or layers to be applied. So I had to replicate certain projects about 10 times, just so I could show the different stages of a technique. Which …admittedly while preparing wasn’t my favorite part- but it made the photo shoot a breeze!


We also did some video shooting for the promo video of the book …yeah baby – hair frizz is my name on a hot and humid day – LOL.


We filmed some footage on a train track – yes for a different reason when just getting rid of me *Wink


Aaron below was looking out for me and that there is no train coming …well in this pic he is being shooshed away by me so I can take a picture, but for the rest of the shoot he was either protective or attaching clothes pins secretly onto us.


Justin filming me doing “weird” stuff


And Christine taking pictures of Justin filming me doing “weird” stuff


Oh – and Aaron on hour 3 walking around with the clothes pin that I attached onto him unnoticed. Take that – LOL- I can play the game too 😉


And for the rest of the week I was Ellie …because …you know certain coffee places like to give you new names – hehehe


It was a lot of fun and I am so grateful that I get to work with such an awesome team on something that is so dear to my heart. The book is going soon to copy editing, so I have a bit of a breather time before I get it back. Oh man this is really not for the impatient one- hehehehe.

Have a wonderful day my friends .. yours truly




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  • Rae


    What a fun post to read. I loved seeing the behind the scenes shots and the train track looked like a super fun photo shoot. You are so adorable. AND you are wearing my favorite sneakers! I live in mine and they look like it haha! Love ya!


    • Profile photo of Nathalie Kalbach

      Nathalie Kalbach


      heheeh- Rae- mine are newer ones- the old sneakers fell apart after many years. Sometimes I look at them and think “boy …you like really new” LOL. have a wonderful weekend my friend!


  • Lea Fritts


    Looks like you had a blast, even with all the hard work! Love your fun style, as always. You always brighten my day! Hugs!


    • Profile photo of Nathalie Kalbach

      Nathalie Kalbach


      Awe -thank you lea- for brighten my day with your sweet comment!!! hugs


  • JoAnn Campisi


    It is so fascinating to go behind the scenes….thank you for sharing. It will be fabulous because you are!


  • Joi@RR


    Sooooooooooooo excited for you Nat. This was so fun to see! XXj.


  • Maura


    Ellie….. cuz you are, of course, Nat-ellie! lol…. I feel your pain… uh I mean joy! XOXOX


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