In-person workshopQ:Do you teach workshops?

A:Yes I do! I teach In-Person Workshops around the world on a variety of topics. You can see where I’ll be in the near future here. I also teach private workshops for groups and individuals. If your organization is looking for a unique team-building activity or stress-reliever, or if you would prefer private individual instruction to help you grow as a mixed media artist, I can organize special workshops for you. I also teach a bunch of online workshops that you can sign up for here. There are project-based online workshops on my website and my Creative JumpStart online program includes an entire collection of instructional videos from leading mixed media artists from around the globe. If computers aren’t your thing, I have a DVD series of instructional videos that you can purchase here.

Q:Can I subscribe to your blog?

A:Yes, absolutely. If you want an email when I post (about 5-6 days a week) you can subscribe here and you will never miss a post.

Q:How do I sign up for your newsletter?

A:You can subscribe to my monthly email newsletter here.

FAQ02JerseyCityQ:Where do you live?

A:I moved in September 2013 from Hamburg, Germany to Jersey City in the U.S. You can see my neighborhood in Jersey City in my Stroll Through the Hood blog posts. A lot of my art is inspired by life in the city and the issues that modern urbanites face.

Q:Where can I buy your stamps and stencils?

A:You can buy all of my stamps and stencils directly from my online shop. I keep a big selection in stock throughout the year and even run occasional sales. I ship worldwide and can always help you with questions on your order. Please note that I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages.

Q:Want to see what I did with your stamps and stencils?

A:Absolutely! I love to see how other people are using my products. In fact, if it’s okay with you, I’d love to share your creations on my Inspiration From Around the Globe page on my website.

Q:Can I sell what I created using your stamps and stencils?

A:This is a complicated answer. When it comes to licensing and copyrights, both the companies that manufacture my products (StencilGirlProducts.com, ArtFoamies.com, RubberMoon.com and Stampendous.com) and I have guidelines related to this topic and in some cases, Angel Policies that permit certain commercial usage. As a general rule, hand stamped and hand stenciled reproduction is permitted, but for personal use only. Any kind of mechanical, electronic, or digital reproduction is not permitted. Electronically altering the designs (for example scanning them and then resizing or modifying them) is also not permitted. My stencils and some of my stamps may be hand stenciled or hand stamped for very limited commercial use if I grant permission. However, some of my stamps may not be used for any commercial purpose, regardless of how they are stamped. Each company has its own policy regarding reproduction and you should consult the StencilGirl Products, ArtFoamies, RubberMoon, and Stampendous websites first. After you have determined your permissions with them, please contact me with the details of your project and I can also help you determine what is allowed. It’s complicated, but these guidelines help to protect all the work that goes into designing and producing the stamps and stencils that I offer.

FAQ03Inspiration1Q:Is your artwork for sale?

A:You may purchase limited edition prints in my online store and original canvases by contacting me directly.

Q:What inspires your artwork?

A:It is a combination of things. Sometimes when I get new art supplies and try them out, they totally inspire me to create work I would have never done. Some supplies just make me want to use them over and over again and I get excited to use them almost every time. But there are many other things that inspire me too. Happy “art accidents” for example. Or often a stroll through my neighborhood will spark an idea – there is just so much that inspires me here. I also travel for a lot of my in-person workshops and when I’m in another city, I take lots of photos to remember things that catch my eye. Listening to a song or reading a book can inspire something. I love when I stumble over a quote or line in a book/song and it makes me think and becomes the starting point for my work. Other people’s artwork inspires me too. I visit a lot of art museums and galleries and all that visual information goes into my brain and comes out on canvas later. Most of my work is very emotional and is guided by the emotions and the thoughts I have in my mind while I am creating.

FAQ04Mojo1Q:Does your creative mojo ever get blocked? What do you do to unblock it?

A:It does! And the answer is really a weird one. Sometimes it helps to just keep going… with a little “WHATEVER” attitude. Sometimes this turns out to be the best work ever… probably because I let go. But also sometimes this doesn’t work either because I just feel like I cannot even do “WHATEVER” and then I just go and let it be. I leave the studio and do something totally different. I go out, do something that I wanted to do for a long time, clean, meet friends… and when I come home, mojo is usually back.

Q:I need inspiration… Help!

A:First check out the Get Inspired section of my website. There you will find links to my Creative Squad and their inspiring work, Creative Ice Breaker videos to get you in the art making mood, and links to all sorts of blog posts to give you some new ideas. Also head over to the Learn section and consider a workshop to get the juices flowing. Don’t forget to get out and about in your neighborhood too and take in the sights at the local cafe, in the park, or at a museum.

FAQ05Color1Q:How do you choose the colors that you use in your work?

A:I wrote a series of posts about colors and my relationship to them called Colors are Your Friends that explain how and why I choose colors for my work. I also have an instructional DVD on creating colorful backgrounds with acrylic paint that will help you learn to use color more effectively.

Q:What are your favorite supplies to work with?

A:There are a lot. But here are some visual lists of the supplies that I love and use all the time. I change and update this list from time to time.

FAQ06Job2Q: How did you become a professional mixed media artist?

A:I studied law and worked as a paralegal for 17 years before I became a professional mixed media artist. I loved my job – but in 2004 I stumbled across scrapbooking and very soon Mixed Media Art, where my heart is. In 2006 I was asked to teach my first workshops in Berlin, Germany and I have come a long way since then. It wasn’t a lighthearted or fast decision to make the switch – it took a lot of work and planning over many years. As my obsession with Mixed Media Art and my teaching opportunities grew, I began spending almost all my vacation days traveling to different workshop venues. So in 2011 I decided to take the plunge and become a Professional Artist. At the time I wrote this blog post: Life Changes…And Change is good. Several years later I again shared my journey in Thoughts on being a Full Time Artist after Quitting my job 3 years ago.

Q:You seem really busy with workshops, travel, and blogging. How do you find time to art?

A:Just like in my old life as a paralegal, I keep a detailed schedule of all the things I need to do and make sure I schedule time for the most important things too: family, eating (yes, otherwise I forget!), and of course art making. You can check out my crazy schedule and how I keep on top of things in my post The Art of Time Management or…what the heck did you do all day?

Art 1_21

Q:What does your studio look like?

A:My studio is in my apartment in Jersey City and it is where I make art, experiment with new products, develop new stamp and stencil designs, shoot videos, write blog posts, and generally do everything! It has great light all day long and access to my balcony so I can throw open the door and get some fresh air when I need it. Out my window you can see a lot of Downtown Jersey City and all the way to New York Harbor. Although it’s not the largest space (studios are always too small though!) I have lots of storage in there and every once in a while I try to organize it!