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Cheiron Brandon works in the financial district by day and loves to create with paper and paint at night. She teaches monthly card making and mixed media classes at The Ink Pad in NYC and lives in New Jersey with her husband Paul and their two adorable rescue pups, Big Boy and Oreo.





Tina Walker is a lover of all things creative. By day, she directs the International Trade Department for a major footwear retailer and creates in her spare time. Art is an outlet that allows Tina to keep her sanity and is a retreat from her daily career responsibilities. Her latest creative passion is all things Mixed Media, including Art Journaling, Assemblage, and Fabric Art. Tina believes in the manta, ‘Embrace Imperfection’. Imperfection is perfection for the artist.

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Marsha Valk is a craft professional from the Netherlands whose creative soul and love of art history lead her to scrapbooking and eventually mixed media and art journaling.  She loves to repurpose and recycle painted and inked scraps that she finds around her studio.

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Michelle Rydell is a mixed media artist, who lives in Minnesota, USA with her husband and two cats. Her current passion is art journaling. Michelle believes that creativity is an evolution, and that the best art comes from experimenting and remembering to play! Michelle is inspired by bright colors, music, animals and the groovy vibe of the 1970’s.

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Gwen Lafleur is a mixed media artist currently living in South Jordan, Utah. She has been involved in arts and crafts her entire life, trying anything from drawing lessons to paper crafts, and finally finding her true home in mixed media. Whenever she gets a break from her full-time job in the eCommerce industry, Gwen can most often be found playing in her studio and working as a stencil artist for StencilGirl Products.

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