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Hi Nat and Leslie, I am new to N*Studio and excited to be a member of Creative Jumpstart for 2022.

I have collected and tried almost all of the supplies you listed and look forward to using them in more creative ways. I did fibre art, fibre collage, fabric dying for years. I collected tons of stuff for mixed media and about 6 years ago started mixed media journaling and put away the fabric. I raised some dairy goats and made cheese 4 days a week. Then I started getting great grandchildren . . . well you can see I got distracted. I have been playing with water color (less messy) for my covid activity. Now I want to get back to all the mess and color. I really do need a jumpstart, ideas, suggestions, pushes, new techniques, and connections!

Right now I am making a commitment to tune in every day and devote an hour or more to creativity.