Artful Adventures: Stroll Challenge

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This free classroom is part of our Stroll Challenge, a 30 day challenge beginning on May 10th, 2017 and culminating in the release of my new book Artful Adventures in Mixed Media: Techniques Inspired by Observation and Experience on June 8, 2017! Here you will find several tutorials (including Special Guest tutorials), a place for sharing, a community environment, and Artful Adventures book giveaways.

What is the Stroll Challenge? Go on an Artful Adventure with me! Find inspiration by taking a “Stroll Through The Hood” and observing the details of the world around you. Anyone can join in on the fun by following our list of daily prompts. Each day you will have a new word to inspire you. Go for a stroll outside, snap a photo of something that you feel illustrates the word of the day, and build a collection of visual material to inspire your artwork, art journaling, and mixed media projects. Along the way you’ll discover things about your Hood that you may have never noticed before, and you’ll learn to find inspiration just outside your door. Use #ArtfulAdventures on social media and share your photos and the projects you were inspired to make.

Sign up to access the FREE classroom and join me on my #ArtfulAdventures as I show you how I transform my prompt-inspired photos into artwork on the days listed in the schedule below. Enjoy informative and exciting project tutorials by our Special Guests. Share your photos in the daily lesson prompts and see what others are observing in their Hoods. Comment and discuss with a whole bunch of people who are taking the challenge with you. You will also have the chance to win a free copy of my new book Artful Adventures in Mixed Media.

Want to learn more? The Artful Adventures: Stroll Challenge is just a taste of what you will find in my book. In it I share the many methods that make mixed media accessible to everybody, no matter their skill level, including how observations and experiences can be turned into works of art. I give practical guidelines and oodles of examples of how I find inspiration, how I gather and keep my ideas in sketchbooks, journals and photos, and what materials go on the journey with me in an Art-on-the-Go kit. You will find techniques and step-by-step instructions for projects – stencils, layering, collage, textured painting, mono-printing, photo manipulation, and more – to ensure that your Artful Adventures continue!

SCHEDULE of EVENTS all posts in Classroom at 8am EST:

  • Every Day starting 5/10 at 8am EST my Photo + Thoughts
  • 5/13 – Nat Tutorial & Book Giveaway
  • 5/15 – Surprise Guest with Tutorial
  • 5/17 – Surprise Guest with Tutorial
  • 5/20 – Nat Tutorial & Book Giveaway
  • 5/22 – Surprise Guest with Tutorial
  • 5/23 – Surprise Guest with Tutorial
  • 5/24 – Surprise Guest with Tutorial
  • 5/27 – Nat Tutorial & Book Giveaway
  • 5/31 – Nat Tutorial & Giveaway
  • 6/3 –  Nat Tutorial & Giveway
  • 6/5 – Surprise Guest with Tutorial
  • 6/6 – Surprise Guest with Tutorial
  • 6/7 – Surprise Guest with Tutorial
  • 6/8 – Nat Tutorial & Giveaway
There are 55 lessons in this workshop:
  • Welcome to Artful Adventures – Stroll Through the Hood
  • Let the Adventure Begin
  • May 10: HOME
  • Interview with Jimmy Leslie
  • May 12: FENCE
  • Interview with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
  • May 13: MAILBOX
  • May 13: Tutorial & Giveaway with Nat
  • May 14: SHINY
  • May 15: WINDOW
  • May 15: Special Guest Tutorial with Kae Pea
  • May 16: SKY
  • May 17: GROUND
  • May 17: Special Guest Tutorial with Keren Tamir
  • May 18: PLANTLIFE
  • May 19: WILDLIFE
  • Interview with Rae Missigman
  • May 20: SIGN
  • May 20: Tutorial & Giveaway
  • May 21: TRASH
  • May 22: NIGHT
  • May 22: Special Guest Tutorial with Sherry Canino
  • May 23: PATTERN
  • May 23: Special Guest Tutorial with Birgit Koopsen
  • May 24: CRACKS
  • May 24: Special Guest Tutorial with Gwen Lafleur
  • May 25: REFLECTION
  • May 26: TEXT
  • Interview with Natalya Aikens
  • May 27: CONTRAST
  • May 27: Tutorial & Giveaway
  • May 28: TINY
  • May 29: PROGRESS
  • May 30: LOUD
  • Interview with MaryBeth Shaw
  • May 31: OLD
  • May 31: Tutorial & Giveaway
  • June 1: SUBTLE
  • June 2: BOUNDARY
  • Interview with Birgit Koopsen
  • June 3: LIGHT
  • June 3: Tutorial & Giveaway
  • June 4: SHADOW
  • Interview with Seth Apter
  • June 5: GROWTH
  • June 5: Special Guest Tutorial with Riikka Kovasin
  • June 6: VIEW
  • June 6: Special Guest Tutorial with Maura Hibbitts
  • Interview with Mark Leibowitz
  • June 7: GEOMETRIC
  • June 7: Special Guest Tutorial with Frieda Oxenham
  • June 8: TEMPORARY
  • June 8: Tutorial & Giveaway
  • June 8: Tutorial List
There are 1 bulletin in this workshop:
  • Uploading photos – HELP