Mini Batik Pattern 3 Foam Stamp

Batik 3 Mini
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Product Description

The Mini Batik stamps are inspired by the batik art found in the traditional clothing and fabrics of Malaysia. Mini Batik Pattern 3 is a bold and funky interpretation of traditional natural and geometric designs. Used in part or as a whole, this design will add a touch a cultural artistry to your projects.

Designed by Nathalie and produced by ArtFoamies, these Foam Stamps can be used with acrylic paint, fabric paint, or inks and clean-up is easy. The Batik stamps are ideal for layering or creating fabric inspired backgrounds in your artwork, mixed media projects, or in your art journal. Foam stamps are also perfect for decorating fabric, smooth walls, floors, furniture, curtains, tablecloths, scrapbook papers, gift wrap, and much more. They’re a revolutionary and fun new way to block print.

Stamp measures 4″ x 1.75″

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