Embroidery Cling Rubber Stamp Set

Embroidery Set
LoveTag01LoveTag02LoveTag03The-Moon-01The-Moon-02The-Moon-03Stroll-through-hood01Stroll-throug-hood02Rydell Pattern 12


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The Embroidery series of stamps are inspired by the art and design of the needle crafts. Nathalie has always been attracted to the combination of mixed media and fiber arts, and has recently begun some projects that focus heavily on embroidery and stitching as the end goal. In addition to adding faux elements of embroidery to projects, these stamps can also be used as pattern making tools and guides on which to stitch upon.

This cling rubber stamp set includes the following stamps (all measurements are approximate):

Love Knots (1/2” w x 3” h)

Star Fish (2” w x 2” h)

Grannies (2” w x 2” h)

Cross Circle (3” w x 3” h)

Satin Doll (¼” w x 5” h)

Running (4 ¾” w x 2 ¾” h)

Chain Link (¼” w x 4 ¾”h)

RubberMoon stamps are hand crafted rubber stamps, made in the USA.

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