Art Stroll – Unstored, Assembly

This October we spent some time in the Catskills and one of the fun discoveries was the Assembly in Monticello, NY. The space originally a Buick dealership has been transformed to an art gallery by artist Bosco Sodi.

For the first exhibition Bosco asked a group of artists from mostly Mexico to “give us your retired, your stashed-away masses yearning to be seen”

Paula Cortazar work on different stone was fascinating! Inviting to stay a bit longer and follow the intricate designs.

Eduardo Sarabia – loved his work which reminded in it’s usage of political statements on ceramics of Grayson Perry‘s work.

The little statue is by Gonzalo Lebrija – basically showing how I feel every day :)

This is also by him:

Bosco Sodi‘s art

The textures on the different materials he uses in his work are amazing
This canvas- made with sand and spraypainted over- I believe!

Tania Candiani created this sound installation:

inviting you to try the bellows out to make those birds sing.

Ugo Rondinone showed a couple of those stone faces – the instagram page makes me want to see even more of the work!

Downstairs was another room with some work by Izumi Kato as well as by Boso. I loved the Izumi Kato chairns- sometimes hidden in the niches.
I enjoyed this exhibition that will be still at the Assembly until May 1, 2023. If you are in the area of Monticello in NY definitely put this gallery on your list!

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