Art Tapas – Bite Sized Tips for the Mixed Media Artist – Tip #4 Watercolor Storage

Art Tapas are short videos (1- 3 mins) that will give some practical tips or advice about anything that is related to tools, art supplies or processes and any Mixed Media or Hobby Artist might appreciate. Lots of times these reflect some mistakes that I made along my journey, so to speak, things that I learned the hard way and sometimes they are just some things that I would have loved to have known when I actually started in Mixed Media.

Watercolor Storage

Art Tapas Watercolor Storage from Nathalie Kalbach on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoyed this art tapa which was brought to you with the help of my awesome watercolor artist friend Mario Robinson. Check his website out -and if you love watercolor – his classes. He is not only an amazing artist, he is also super cool and fun and a great teacher! If you have questions that you would love to have answered in some of the Art Tapas videos- let me know and I might just cook one up for you to nibble on :)

Happy Creating !

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  • Crystal


    I had older watercolor tubes of paint, so I thought to use them, squeeze them all out neatly in a large pallet I have. Well within a couple of months, they got moldy. Not every color, but most of them. I even had the pallet cover over it never ever thinking they would mold. So I spent an hour washing out the whole pallet.


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