Acrylic Ink

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In this Acrylic Ink online workshop we will start with the basics of the medium. In four lessons over four weeks we will make our way up to more advanced techniques.

Most results of the techniques of this class can be also archived by using India Inks. I use Acrylic Inks because they are more versatile and can be mixed more with other acrylic media. I will cover the differences in the the first week.

I will share with you my favorite Acrylic Ink techniques.

What you need:

Acrylic Inks : I use Liquitex Acrylic Inks , they are my favorite, but there are other Acrylic Inks out there for example by Daler-Rowney and Matisse. You are good to go with just 3 colors in the beginning: Red, Blue and Yellow if you do not want to splurge into the whole range, which I don’t own either.

If you own India Inks – some of those techniques will work with India Inks also.

Paper and/or Journal:  I recommend a Journal for all techniques, which can be turned into an artjournal as you work in the class. Hot Pressed Watercolor Paper  gives the best results for most techniques. As Journals I got good results with the Strathmore Visual Journal 140lb or also 90lb, also with the Fabriano Watercolor Sketchbookand the Moleskine Sektchbook.

In generell personally I like the results better with any watercolor paper/journal that is a bit smoother.

All other supplies are optional. We will talk about substitutes if that occurs. I assume that most things I will use are generic  or at least easy to replace. This workshop is about you taking the techniques and adjusting them to your own materials, media you own and your style. It is not about copying with exactly the same supplies, although you are free to do so if you want


What you get:

  • Intensive knowledge about acrylic ink
  • How to incoporate this affordable paint medium into your Scrapbooks and Mixed Media Projects
  • A big amount of techniques with acrylic inks
  • Photo manipulation with acrylic inks
  • Using it with inexpensive house hold items
  • How to layer dimensions and create textures
  • Numerous resist techniques
  • Masking/Stenciling techniques
  • Transfer technique
  • How you can use other media with acrylic inks
  • about two-and-a-half hours of video material
  • Personal feedback
  • Quick support

In week four I will show you how several of the learned and some new techniques can be combined and used on two project: an altered art page and altered art project.

During the fun workshop lessons you will also learn a lot about all kinds of materials, mixed media, layering, how to create texture and design principles. I will share with you why I’m doing things, how I got the idea and what works and what doesn’t seem to work.

How this workshop works:

This class was set up that you would work through each lesson in a week. But of course if you are on a roll you can work through as many lessons a week as you want as they are now all online already.

You can work at your own pace and the workshop will be available here for you for years to come as long as they are online

Terms and Conditions:

By signing up with this workshop, you agree to not give your private log-in information
to anyone else. After the confirmation is sent to you,
cancellation is no longer possible. Please sign up only if you are
able to watch vimeo hosted videos –  all videos will be posted in
this format – see . Some older computers and software may have
problems playing the videos. I will not be responsible for troubleshooting
playback difficulties of the videos.

There are 5 lessons in this workshop:
  • Welcome to Über*Media Acrylic INK
  • Acrylic Ink – Week 1
  • Acrylic Ink – Week 2
  • Acrylic Ink – Week 3
  • Acrylic Ink – Week 4