Stroll Through The Hood



A lot of times I get asked what inspires me. And one of my key answers is always “a stroll through the hood”. It might be street art, it might be thoughts or feelings connected with certain sights, it might be stuff I find to buy…in one way or the other you might find the photos, the thoughts, the feelings, the colors or anything from those strolls in my art journal, a mixed media project or a scrapbooking layout.

I would love to show you once a month what inspired me while strolling through my neighborhood. I hope you like the little insights into my daily life where I live . This is also a wonderful way for me to remind myself on the inspiring things in the hood. Maybe you get inspired by those posts and even invite ME to a stroll in YOUR hood – feel free to grab the logo and leave a comment for me on the post and share!

It has been a while since I did this….why? Because of this:



and this



perfect days to stay inside and work in the studio…or travel (NOT!) but sometimes it looked like this:



and then I bit the bullet and bundled up to go outside ;)



It was COLD- but I was rewarded with fun stuff like this



Who could have PERDICTED? And then with a friend visiting you – it is even more fun to stroll through the hood :)



Especially when said friends likes the same grungy stuff as I do …btw- I do love the background to this- it already inspired me to something :)



And since they are big here on Security cameras…this is a good advice me thinks :) :) :)



I do love this building- It will be in one of my canvases some time- I am sure.



And a little view over to Manhattan…YES…we are the Sixth Borough…so there Hoboken…don’t even try to claim this…LOL (I figured a bit of local patriotism doesn’t hurt ;) )



And an insane walk through snow and ice and wind chills in Liberty State Park rewards you with this view…


I mean…all in all it is all about



And as for Spring…well…gotta make your own spring at home I guess ;)


Hope you had fun strolling through my hood – until next time…in J.C. :)



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  • Jan B


    Hey! You can come stroll through my neighbor in PA anytime! I’m so excited to see you tomorrow, by the way! As I lay here in bed in the Jane Hotel (talk about eye candy – oh my gosh!), I can see your ‘hood right across the Hudson! Love seeing your strolls…


    • nathalie-kalbach


      it was so good to see you again Jan! Thank you for coming <3


  • Mary K. Parker


    Thank you do much for the pictures and narrative of your stroll thru the hood. I don’t do much mixed media anymore but loved it at Art Venture. When taking your canvas class, I futzed around with materials a bit until I came up with a friend. She loves roses and calligraphy which were on one sheet of paper. I immediately selected it, and knew it was going to be for her.

    Your question made me realize that I am most of the time inspired by the people for whom I make things. Even cards. When it is scrapbook pages, generally it is materials and ideas for titles that come together. I don’t even worry about matching my photos to papers. I like all the colors together.

    Good question! But again, living on west coast, I enjoyed your stroll… you can keep the white stuff, though!


  • laurajo


    That was loads of fun. I just can’t imagine the cold. i am a weeny!! It looks like the antarctic! I still want to visit but I will definitely wait until Summer. Thanks for you inspiring stroll, braving the elements, even when you weren’t feeling great. You’re such a trooper.


  • Leadonna Kimmel


    Nat, thanks for the stroll! It makes me want to take a stroll in my neighborhood and look for some inspiration. It also makes me want to go to our downtown area and walk around with my camera and capture some inspiration there, too. We have a small downtown as Winston-Salem is not a big city but we do have some lovely architecture. Inspiration can be found all around us, we just have to open our eyes and look with our hearts and our creative minds. I’ve been meaning to tell you how much I enjoyed Creative JumpStart. I’m already looking forward to next year! Thanks again for the walk-about and some giggles along the way!


  • Kathy P


    So awesome….so inspiring….you have such a great camera eye! I love when you do this walk-about!


  • LindaBrun


    Thank you for sharing Nat and I can just imagine all the inspiration you would get from a big and interesting city like NY. Can’t wait to take a stroll.


  • jackie


    a great stroll! even if it was cold and windy! look forward to see that building in one of your pieces!


  • Leigh Pogue


    Nat, I really love to see what other artists see around them through their eyes! I think it’s ‘Über’ cool to do this sometimes. TFS this little stroll. What a view of NYC ! Wow. Very niceand btw, I so enjoyed Creative Jumostart 2014 with you ! I will def do it again. I promise I will get around to uploading my pics, even tho they aren’t great, they were very fun and inspiring. Thanks. Leigh


  • Sue Clarke


    It never ceases to amaze me that cool street art that you find on your strolls. Love the Native American and the Open Your Mind ones.


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