Stroll Through The Hood – July 2014

DISCLAIMER: In this Blog Post I make fun of Americans…or maybe more about their vegetation…or maybe it is just nothing – anyway– some might think that nothing is totally inappropriate . If you have a problem with this, you might be better off reading something else . Don’t email me to complain and don’t visit my blog anymore because I might post things like this again  !


This Paste Up made me smile


And for the next one I had to do a double take – so fun!


And I love the frog by Mike Maka


And mural next to it is by Case


Other than that I really enjoy the summer here ….and you know since everything is bigger in America …


This flower is as big as my head- and believe me – my head is not that small!


The tomatoes grow like weed and they grow so fast…they need to develop stitches to keep intact. This one is probably a Frankenstein species. Delicious – Jersey Tomatoes are awesome!


And these are …Red Noodle Beans …I mean come on…these are not beans anymore…these are gigantic NOODLE Beans  -very yummy and the whole name is Chinese Red Noodle Bean …so maybe they are not really from America ;)

And now the kicker for my European friends….


They put LOBSTER in a sandwich roll! Yes…you heard right…Lobster- the stuff that is super duper luxurious and expensive in Europe. The stuff you eat at a fine dining restaurant …they sell that out of a food truck in a sandwich…and it is pretty delicious ;)

Guess they have enough Lobster here .

And what does the Cat say to all this?


Oh ..sorry Niles-I forgot you are on a diet and you are mad with me

Well -I wish you a gorgeous day and see you soon for the next stroll…I promise I won’t make no fun anymore…;)

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  • Ursula


    Hallo Nat, sind die Blüten von letzter Woche? echt riesig – und die Lobster scheinen hier wohl der “Ersatz” für Backfisch zu sein ;)) und im Chelsea Markt konnte nur Tims Kommentar “iss sie und du stinkst drei Tage nach Fisch, da kannst du bei meinen Eltern schlafen, seine Fee vom Stürmen des Hummerladens abhalten …………….. Bin gespannt auf weitere “Nachbarschaften” …………… und HH ist ein Dorf sag ich dir, weiß ich jetzt ;)) LG Ursula


  • fran


    Oh Nat, you are such a classic….love your humour, and being an Aussie I really appreciate your take on the American “bigness” . Gwe sometimes see them that way LOL


  • Laura S


    I want to go on a stroll with you! We don’t have Lobster Sandwiches like that in Texas, but I’d eat one in a New York minute!!! Yum!


  • Sue Clarke


    Well you better make some more fun next time too.
    Hello Niles. How do you like your new home?


  • Jean Marmo


    I just love your strolls! That lobster sandwich looks so delicious!!


    • Cheryl Waters


      Was fun seeing you here Jean and I agree. The stroll made me chuckle.


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