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    Hi I am Nat and I am so excited you are here. Let me know where you are and what you love to do when you create. What is your favorite art medium, tool and what is the last thing you created? Cannot wait to get to know you better!

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    Hi Nat! Glad to be a returning member of Creative Jumpstart! In response to your inquiries:

    I am Leslie Ibler and I reside in Illinois. (U.S.A.) I love mixed media, collage, and art journaling, getting my hands messy with all kinds of colors paints, inks, and gel medium. Is there anything more satisfying than peeling dried gel medium off your fingers???? My favorite art medium….I cannot pick just one, for fear of hurting the feelings of all the others. Tools…items from nature-branches, twigs, leaves, and flowers. I also like using rubber geometric patterned trivets, sequin waste, stencils, and stamps. The last thing I created and am working to finish, is a colorful antelope, named Tall Boy per Dina Wakely’s lesson from Wanderlust 2021.

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    Hi Nat and Leslie, I am new to N*Studio and excited to be a member of Creative Jumpstart for 2022.

    I have collected and tried almost all of the supplies you listed and look forward to using them in more creative ways. I did fibre art, fibre collage, fabric dying for years. I collected tons of stuff for mixed media and about 6 years ago started mixed media journaling and put away the fabric. I raised some dairy goats and made cheese 4 days a week. Then I started getting great grandchildren . . . well you can see I got distracted. I have been playing with water color (less messy) for my covid activity. Now I want to get back to all the mess and color. I really do need a jumpstart, ideas, suggestions, pushes, new techniques, and connections!

    Right now I am making a commitment to tune in every day and devote an hour or more to creativity.

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    Hello from the beautiful state of Oregon. I’m Ranelle, wife, mother of 3 that is now 6 and Nana to 7, and recently great grandmother! I’ve resided in the Willamette Valley for 25 years, with my wonderful hubby & best friend of near 43 years. My art studio at home is a converted garage and I love the space to create my mixed media art journals and whatever else suits my fancy.

    This year opened a new chapter, we purchased and renovated a 2nd home on the Oregon coast in a tiny fishing community. My hubby, knowing I’d need a space to create, bought me a vintage 1939 library table to set up a studio space for me with a beautiful view of the Bay. I’m in love with this most inspiring space. So I will be making art with this community from one studio space or the other. 💟

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    Howdy y’all! I’m Maggie from Manor, TX (near Austin) where I live on 20 wild and wooded acres with my husband of 44 years and our little rescue dog. Our youngest son and his family live on our property and our older son & family live nearby too. I’m the founder of A Wild Soap Bar which I started in the kitchen of our owner built log cabin way back in 1995. I hope to retire next year. When I’m not working you’ll find me arting it up in my little studio inside the soap shop. I’m completely obsessed with mixed media art journaling and I love nature, botanicals, and anything involving rust. I’m looking forward to our creative time together. You can find me on Instagram as :)

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    Hello from Germany. I am new to N*Studio and so exited to be a member of Creative Jumpstart 2022.

    I love mixed media, collage artjournaling and I play often with water color. I love all kinds of colors, paints and inks. We have seven Icelandic Horses and so we are daily in the nature and I Iove the colors of the nature and all the materials I can find there.

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    Hello, Nat! Looking forward to a Creative Jumpstart! I am living in the desert of Southern California! Hoping to make my way to the Pacific Northwest eventually! I love all kinds of creative arts! I probably love paper mache and creating journals the most. But also love layering collage and acrylic paints! There isn’t much I won’t try! I am wanting to give encaustics a try but just haven’t made the leap. I think it will mix in so nicely with paintings on wood scraps. The last thing I made was a few Christmas tree signs for my fam! Happy 2022! :)

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    Hi Nat! I am a new Creative Jumper! I am so excited to start this group!!! I am a full- time assemblage artist. I have been hearing about how wonderful your classes are from my sister Kelly Cox so I had to try it out! Can’t wait to meet lots of new art friends and learn new techniques and buy new art supplies.

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