Art Journaling Demystified

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Join me for my  Art Journaling Demystified Class!

This class is for everyone who wants to start art journaling and wants to learn the basics on how to do this.

In 3 hours of video lessons divided into 6 Lessons, I show and demystify for you

  • what kind of art journals are out there,
  • explain the basic supplies,
  • and color theory,
  • backgrounds and
  • layering techniques and
  • how to finish up an art journal page.

During the lessons you will learn a lot about all kinds of materials, mixed media, how to create texture and design principles.

I will share with you why I’m doing things, how I got the idea and what works and what doesn’t seem to work.

Supplies: We will talk intensely about the supplies for this class -this is part of the workshop. We will use acrylic paints, gesso, matte medium and some other items. I will talk you through options and how you can save money on your supplies by making the most out of them.

Class Start: May 1st, 2015 – all lessons will be made available on that date.

What are you waiting for? Join the Art Journaling FUN!

How this workshop works:

This class was set up that you would work through each lesson in a week. But of course if you are on a roll you can work through as many lessons a week as you want as they be all online at once starting May 1st, 2015.

You can work at your own pace and the workshop will be available here for you for years to come as long as they are online.


What other students said about my online classes:

Andrene Coury, North Carolina, USA – September 2014

Because of Nathalie and her N*Studio online workshops, my dream of art journaling and mixed media art became a reality. Her workshops taught me about tools, mediums and techniques that enabled me to start creating my own art journal pages. And because each workshop topic is unique, I was always learning something new and creative. Whether you are a beginner or experienced in art journaling, I highly recommend taking Nathalie’s workshops!

Carmen Sanchez, Spain:

“Über*Media PanPastels workshop has been so much fun. Nathalie knows how to make things amusing. The workshop covers lots of different uses for PanPastels in the mixed media field. The videos and pdf files are very useful and descriptive. The sample projects are so creative. Also the timing is great. You have plenty of time to play and practice in between classes and Nathalie is always willing to help and answer your doubts. I’d totally recommend it”

Charlene Ocasek:

Well I just finished Nat’s class Uber Media Gesso and it was the best thing I could have done. I was introduced to gesso in Julie Balzers class 30 Days in you Journal and I was crazy for gesso. Nat is such a good instructor, she explains everything so well. She never hesitates to tell you what products work with gesso so you get the best results. The one thing about Nat, besides her great sense of humor is that she is very hands on with her students. I will definitely take other classes with Nat and I highly recommend this course. Thanks Nat!!!!

Tineke, The Netherlands:

Just finished the Acrylic Paint classes (long version) and I LOVED it! For me it was an exciting exploring adventure cause I’m new to all this art fun stuff. I just LOVE the way Nathalie teaches. So relaxed, funny and talented. I will miss her ‘pretty cool’ talk and my weekly adventure but hey there’s more!!!! My new next adventure will be the Pan Pastels workshop and after that I want to know all about Gesso. Yep, I’m hooked:-) Thank you so much Nathalie, you’re in my heart. Thank you for everything. You’re such a BEAUTIFUL person. Loads of love from Tineke/TeedeJee

Aiga Volkhausen, Germany in Deutsch

Einen ganz lieben Dank an Nathalie!
Seit ich deinen Online-Kurs Über Gesso besucht habe, traue ich mich so richtig zu mixen und matschen. Dank der Materialkunde weiß ich nun auch was geht und was nicht. Gesso ist mittlerweile mein bester Freund, auch wenn es immer eine riesen Schweinerei ist. Aber es macht halt so viel Spaß. Man kann, so wie ich, ohne vorherigen Plan an ein Projekt rangehen und einfach aus dem Bauch raus die Materialien benutzen, die einem das Mojo so vorgibt. Oder ganz gezielt auch mal was nacharbeiten, man weiß ja jetzt wie es geht.
Danke Nathalie! Ohne deine Kurse hätte ich mich z.B. nie an einen Keilrahmen gewagt. In Kombination mit dem Kurs Über Pan Pastel bin ich nun so richtig gut vorbereitet für die Mixed-Media-Welt. Die Kurse sind, obwohl überwiegend auf Englisch, sehr gut verständlich, auch für solche wie mich, die nach der Schule nie wieder ein Wort auf Englisch gesprochen haben. Durch die Videos kann man problemlos folgen. Sehr gut finde ich auch, dass man die Materialliste in Printform bereitgestellt bekommt.
Ich wünsche mir auch weiterhin noch viele interessante Kurse mit dir und hoffe, dass ich auch mal in den Genuss kommen werde, einen “realen” Kurs besuchen zu können.
Thank you SO MUCH for all your hard work in putting together this workshop(Acrylic Paint Full Version) ! I filled an entire Strathmore visual journal with all the various background techniques that is going to be a great reference.  I love your spirit of experimentation :-) Keep it up!!


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There are 7 lessons in this workshop:
  • Welcome to Art Journaling Demystified
  • Lesson 1: What is an Art Journal and Samples
  • Lesson 2: The art JOURNAL and Basic Supplies
  • Lesson 3: It’s all about Colors
  • Lesson 4: Background Techniques
  • Lesson 5: Layering it up
  • Lesson 6: The Finishing