Stroll Through The Hood – October 2015


This golden month was filled yet again with lot’s of bicycle trips. I will for sure miss those little rides in the colder months but let’s see what was inspiring and fun in October!


Bam  – a really cool new mural surfaced near Mana Contemporary done by Shepard Fairey – amazeballs!


And there he was with the mayor and some other peeps early in the morning when we took our bikes to see the mural. We had no idea he was there and that was quite cool …I did not say hi though … I am having art crushes and then get like super shy …and think he probably really doesn’t need a person jumping like a 3 year old telling him “love your stuff, so cool ” hence nothing more intelligent went through my mind at the moment ;)


Another bike ride – almost out of J.C.


flying by a mural by Li-Hill


Mural by Sue One.


I tawt I taw a puddy cat ;)  – this one is by Jerkface


Another weekend we spent a couple hours at the Secret Beach – where you have a fantastic view of Lady Liberty and you are pretty much alone …


I am still fascinated by horseshoe crabs – this one is a mini baby horseshoe crab- it was smaller than the palm of my hand.


I love the pattern here!


yes yes- I am obsessed with the lady liberty- but also loved the natural colors and textures.


The Secret Swamp – gorgeous colors right now


And it was just so beautiful and peaceful – again crazy if you think you are a stone throw away from the busiest city in the U.S.A


Now this crab shell totally spoke “Yoda-Face-Asleep” to me- tell me what you see :)


And with this hidden path photo I wish you a wonderful day! Hope you enjoyed the stroll through my hood this month!

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  • Gunvor


    I do love your strolls and to see through your camera lens. This time I really enjoyed the beach photoes – there is something about beaches “off season” that I love. I can see the Yoda face when you mention it, but for me it was a Teenage mutant ninja turtle on the Shell …


  • Cindy L


    First of all, how totally awesome to come across that new Shepard Fairey mural, then to see him there in person…wow!! I would have been completely tongue tied like you…lol. I continue to be completely in love and impressed with street art and would have been swooning at the sight of the artist..ha ha! Thanks for sharing as always!!


  • andrene


    Love your monthly strolls and seeing the murals. I’m certain they so much more impressive in real life! Shepard Fairey is from my hometown (Charleston SC) and he did some beautiful work here back in 2014. And absolutely Yoda!!! You nailed it ?


  • Hélène


    Hi Nat, I really enjoy reading your posts and especially the stroll through the Hood! From out there in Paris it Vives me great insight on NY & NJ. Sometime I’ll come and see it all by myself. Big hugs from an old fan of yours


  • Sue Clarke


    Not sure if I would have come up with Yoda on my own, but I do see a face for sure. It continues to amaze me that you have such a view of Lady Liberty and you don’t even live in NYC. Love that first mural and how the brick gives it such a perfect texture (goes along with the strong lady).


  • Kathy P


    I so enjoy the view through your lens, Nat! Wonderful perspectives, beautiful composition. I MUST take a drive up to see this artsy city you call home! And I enjoyed seeing the horseshoe crabs—-I grew up on the southeastern CT shore and these babies were everywhere! I actually saw Cirious George in yours here! Thanks for starting met Saturday off with a smile.


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