Art Stroll – Garcia Torres at MoMA

Art Stroll Garcia Collage

A couple months ago I went to MoMA with my friend Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and I was excited to see the Joaquin Torres-Garcia exhibition since I fell in love with his work a couple months before in Argentina at Malba. Torres-Garcia was an Uruguayan painter and sculptor. He lived in Barcelona with his family in 1891, traveled a lot in his life and was friends with Picasso, Duchamp and other important artists. What I love about his work is how versatile and symbolic it is.

Kalbach Garcia 01

Fourteenth Street, 1920 – Oil on board

Kalbach Garcia 02

I love his New York City Scenes- they are so lively and I love that he put more detail on signs and writing than on faces – yet you totally get the vibe of the city.

Kalbach Garcia 24

Kalbach Garcia 25

Kalbach Garcia 03

Aren’t those the coolest? I want them all!

Kalbach Garcia 04

I love his very limited color palette.

Kalbach Garcia 05

Construction with triangle, 1929 – Oil on canvas

Kalbach Garcia 06


Kalbach Garcia 07


Kalbach Garcia 15

Structure with struck forms, 1933 – Tempera on board.

Kalbach Garcia 08

Kalbach Garcia 09

His use of wood pieces – It makes me want to find old pieces of wood and paint on them.

Kalbach Garcia 10

Kalbach Garcia 13


Kalbach Garcia 18

And working in black, white and grey…even though I am such a bright color nerd, this makes me want to do it.

Kalbach Garcia 11

Kalbach Garcia 12

Kalbach Garcia 16


Kalbach Garcia 14

Constructive composition,1931 -Oil on canvas

Kalbach Garcia 17

Composition, 1932 – oil on canvas




Oh looksie…there is Julie :) I miss her and our MoMA strolls.

Kalbach Garcia 20

The one below is one of my favorite. The collage elements, the flags, the ephemera, symbols- I just love it!

Kalbach Garcia 21

It was a great art stroll and I really enjoyed seeing more of Garcia Torres after my visit to Malba. I am sure I will refer to his artwork in one of my future works – stay tuned :)

Do you find his work inspiring?

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  • Joi@RR


    I’m like Gayle – love traveling with you Nat. And yes – this was definitely inspiring. I am really thankful to learn about these different artists and I enjoyed seeing all of these very much. You know… you already do his type of city art… it reminds me of you a lot. Thanks bunches for such a great post. XX j.


  • Gayle


    Again, thank you SO MUCH for expanding my art-appreciation horizons. These works have a neolithic flavor mixed in with primitive hieroglyphics and brings one back to the universality of images and symbols — before language started creating barriers. I can definitely see how this style can be incorporated into mixed media and am anxious to experiment with this concept. I love travelling with you via your blogs!


    • nathalie-kalbach


      Gayle, So glad you like the work and inspiration by Torres. And yes – I agree- images and symbols- what a wonderful way to communicate in art. Thank you for traveling along!


  • Sue Clarke


    I like the wooden sculptures but not much inspiration for me sorry to say.
    You and Julie give me plenty of inspiration (especially with all your new products)!


    • nathalie-kalbach


      sorry to hear you didn’t find inspiration in his work but so happy you are here :) hugs, nat


  • Joyce


    I enjoyed this presentation of the artist. Food for thought.


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