Stroll Through The Hood – November 2014


Always fun to take a stroll through the hood here in New Jersey- here is what inspired me since my last post :)


Bathroom humor …good one ;)


beautiful new street art- this one is by faith47


And another one that I love by Sean Lugo .


spent a fun afternoon at Mana Contemporary- awesome the building


and dreaming of spending an afternoon in the silk screen room


getting all over those amazing colors (I stink, I lost the paper that has the name of the artist scribbled on – and I couldn’t find the information on Mana either )


Indulging seen colors by cooking a stew with American fall veggies …because…I don’t wanna be a starving artist- you know ;)


spending every possible but rare moment in the last couple weeks in my studio and on the deck !


Sometimes though just taking a bike tour to a close by secret beach in JC


Learning of the existence of Horseshoe Crabs 


and starting to dread the coming winter already …


But as long as artists like Mr. Mustart bring some color to my hood – like here changing the look of an ugly construction wall- I will be good and see lots of inspiring things on my strolls :)


Have an inspiring day


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  • Sandi Miaskoff


    Nat, don’t let the winter deprive us of your beautiful pictures, it will only bring another view of the same sites – just as beautiful


  • Sue Clarke


    Love your studio and so much natural light!
    Horseshoe crabs were a part of my childhood growing up in Gloucester, MA and finding them on the beach. Nice photo.


  • Jackie P Neal


    Nat, Your strolls are always inspiring! I love your colorful veggies and your photo of studio and deck- oh beauty! All of the art on the walls, so nice to see, art and not just random scribbles and unsightly words-
    and as for the impending winter- my hub thinks it will be an easy one- he is usually right. We live upstate close to Lake Ontario, so right in the snowbelt-, we’ll check back on this in the spring! heehee xo


  • Kathy P


    WOW! How awesome is all this! You are truly one artist with the camera, too! And I have always been fascinated with horseshoe crabs! TFS, Nat! Started my day off happy seeing this post!


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