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My Fire Burns Bright – Marsha Valk


Welcome to December and a new post from my Creative Squad! Today we have a series of gorgeously layered pieces from Marsha Valk. To create such lovely backgrounds, she used my Downtown foam stamp set, my Amsterdam stencil, and a variety of my cling rubber stamps. This month the squad is using a new theme for inspiration: My Fire Burns Bright – Creativity is a passion that can come from deep within the heart and soul of the maker. Sometimes this fire gets ignited by an event or an influential person in our lives, and other times it can be ignited by a love for a material or just simply the enjoyment that comes from making. What makes your creative fire burn bright?

My creative fire ebbs and flows like I’m sure yours ebbs and flows too. We all need new input now and then, to spark creativity, get new ideas and to try new supplies or old supplies in a new way.

Nat’s Creative JumpStart always hugely ignites my creativity. And by that, I mean not only the event in January, but also the brainstorm and preparations I get to do as one of the featured artists(!). It’s so much fun creating something extra special just for CJS!

In January I attend the online event and watch all of the videos together with all of you. I always find new artists to follow (or take classes from), and I take notes of what supplies, techniques or ideas I want to try myself later in the year.

One artist that inspired me in particular during Creative JumpStart 2017 was Mystele Kirkeeng. It wasn’t until recently though that I purchased a couple of her Wonder Paint episodes. In these recorded studio sessions you get a chance to look over Mystele’s shoulder while she paints, explores and plays. Mystele uses all kinds of supplies in her beautiful art, and that lead me to unearth stuff from my stash that I usually never use.

She prompts me to ask myself questions about what attracts me to specific art or supplies and reminds me that it’s OK to work on loose scraps and sheets of paper just for the sake of creating, layer after layer after layer.

Two of these ‘loose sheets of paper’ started out as Gelli Prints, the other two are cut from paper I used to clean my brayers and brushes. On top I scribbled, stamped, heat embossed, collaged, painted, scraped, sprayed, splattered, made marks and doodled and I pretty much used anything that was within reach.

The results are super messy, colourful and highly textured pieces of paper that I immensely enjoyed making!

If you want Mystele to ignite your creative fire too, then you are in luck because she’s one of the 31 featured artists for Creative JumpStart 2018!

I cannot wait to see what she has cooked up for this edition of CJS. Join us and register for Creative JumpStart 2018 here!

Happy December!

Thank you Marsha! It’s not only a pleasure to see this super juicy series of yours, but it also makes me grin to know that CJS is doing what I always hoped it would: inspire artists of all levels to feel a renewed sense of creativity :)  Marsha used the following supplies (some are affiliate links):

Play along with us too: I love to see how you interpret our monthly themes. Email me how you used my stencils and stamps with the theme and email me an image – I would love to share your projects in my next  “n*Spiration From Around the Globe“.


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Jump into Summer! Creative JumpStart 2017 Sale

Summer begins next week and maybe you are looking for some inspiration this season? If you missed Creative JumpStart 2017 this January, it’s not too late to take advantage of the online workshop. For the next week (June 16-23, 2017), I am running a 20% off sale on CJS17 for those of you who might need a little JumpStart to your mixed media projects :)

Creative JumpStart 2017 features 27 downloadable videos by leading mixed media artists. The videos are downloadable until November 2017 and once downloaded, are an invaluable resource when you need some new ideas.  Although you may have missed the fun and excitement of playing along in real-time with the CJS community, you will still have access to the CJS17 Classroom where you will find material lists, artist bios, and galleries of project images that Jumpers uploaded during January.

Enjoy the sale and I hope to see you in January 2018 for the next Creative JumpStart!


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  • Terina


    When will you be posting information about Jumpstart 2018?


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      You will find out on the blog, or if you are subscribed you will get a newsletter or on FB :)


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Jumping with Joe – A Video Conversation

I had the pleasure to video chat with Joe Rotella  and we talked about his creative process, how he envisions a story for each of his pieces and how he looks at different material to create certain parts of the story.

By the way ….sometimes it takes several takes to just do the intro for a video- check out how Joe and I giggle silly about me not being able to pronounce anything right

Join Joe and 26 other Mixed Media Artists at Creative JumpStart 2017 –register here!

Hope you enjoyed our conversation ! Have a wonderful day


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Give The Gift Of Creativity


Only 6 days until Christmas. Need a gift for a creative artist or crafter? You can now give someone a gift certificate to CJS 2014.

Just select the “$20 Gift Certificate” product in the n*Studio shop and check out online. (/shop/gift-certificate/20-gift-certificate/) On the billing and payment page, you’ll find a section to name the person you want to give CJS to. Just enter their name and email address along with a personalized note.

The recipient will then get an email from n*Studio that includes a discount code for anything in the n*Studio shop. If you want to give the gift certificate to the recipient personally- just have it sent to you and you can print it out.

All they have to do then is add Creative JumpStart 2014 to their cart and checkout using the code. And voila, they’re in!

I will also add other gift certificates later today with different values if you want to gift one of my online workshops in the shop.

Wishing you a wonderful day



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Nat calls Joe…or…What’s MOOJOO?

Joe Rotella was really down when I called him last week – he lost his Mojo – but I had a solution. Don’t give up on the video before you see the bloopers (appr. at 4min)..they have me in stitches every time I see them ;)

Joe Lost His Mojo from Nathalie Kalbach on Vimeo.

Moooojoooo -it is when Muse and Mojo run away together;)But you can find them on this fantasy island called CJS14 :)

Have a gorgeous day

huge hugs



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  • Grandscraperona


    Ha, Ha, Ha…still laughing! you make a gracious couple, and this idea is outstanding!…what a way to call attention of the procrastinators!… Im anxious to start again with CJS 2014…as i enjoyed the 2013 a lot!…thanks for the opportunity. Merry Xmas and Happy 2014 to both!…


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