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Creative JumpStart 2022 – LAST DAY Cyber Week Sale!

Cyber Week Sale ends TODAY, December 3, for Creative JumpStart 2022. Sign up HERE before 11:59pm ET tonight for $55 and get in on the action! The classroom is open and our new forum will help you get to know the CJS22 community before class officially begins on New Year’s Day. Now is a great time to join Creative JumpStart 2022!

This year our theme is Creating Connections and we’re exploring everything from making connections between your ideas and creating artwork, your materials and what they can do for you, and drawing from your personal connections as inspiration for what you create.

This year for Creative JumpStart 2022 we have 38 different mixed media artist teachers who are guiding us through 38 unique video lessons – some project based and others technique based. Play along each day beginning January 1 or go at your own pace. Sign up for our daily emails for more direction and ways to approach the lessons. Most importantly, Creative JumpStart provides you with a supportive community of artists and students to help you on your artistic journey.

Jump with us – sign up HERE today!

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Creative JumpStart 2022 – $45 Cyber Monday Sale!

Creative JumpStart 2022 is on sale TODAY! Sign up now for just $45 and enjoy some serious Cyber Monday savings on the ultimate Online Mixed Media Workshop – Creative JumpStart 2022!

We have an incredible lineup this year of super talented artist teachers (familiar faces for CJS and some new ones too), 38 inspiring video lessons, and a NEW classroom forum to help you kick off 2022 feeling connected, motivated, and ready to create!

This Cyber Monday deal is just today, so don’t delay – you must sign up by 11:59pm ET today, November 29 to get the deal. Sign up HERE.

Check out our promo video:

What is CJS22 all about? Our theme this year is Creating Connections and our 38 artist teachers are exploring how we connect with artmaking, our materials, our surroundings, and the people in our lives through some unique video lessons. Here is that lineup of Creative JumpStart 2022 artist teachers who are ready to guide you:

What kinds of lessons can I expect? A variety of Mixed Media topics from art journaling to collage, from mini book making to stitchery, from watercolor to gelli printing, and MORE are covered in Creative JumpStart 2022. Get ready to JumpStart YOUR Creativity with 38 unique lessons.

When does class start? Creative JumpStart 2022 officially begins January 1, 2022 with the first lesson but you may access the classroom as soon as you sign up. There you will find the Forum where you can begin to meet the other students, supply lists to help you prepare, and maybe even some bonus content as we move through December ;)

What about that exclusive CJS22 foam stamp? We are pleased to be offering another CJS exclusive foam stamp design this year – LOVE. It can be found here and is limited edition so it will only be available through 2022. Pick one up today and let’s start spreading the CJS LOVE!!!

You can learn more about Creative JumpStart 2022 right here on the website and if you are ready to jump into a daily habit of creativity in 2022 – sign up TODAY for just $45. See you in the classroom!

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Creative JumpStart 2022 – Get Ready to Jump!

Creative JumpStart 2022 is here! Check it out now and then get ready: it officially goes on sale Monday, November 29th so mark your calendars for the ultimate online mixed media workshop!

We’re back with another fantastic lineup of your favorite artists (and some new faces too), lessons, and an online classroom to help you kick off 2022 feeling inspired, motivated, and connected!

In fact, our theme this year is Creating Connections and our artists are exploring how we connect with artmaking, our materials, our surroundings, and the people in our lives through some unique video lessons. Mixed Media topics from art journaling to collage, from mini book making to stitchery, from watercolor to gelli printing, and MORE are covered.

Check out our CJS22 Trailer video:

What does Creative JumpStart 2022 include? With our Creating Connections theme, we’re all about helping you CONNECT with your artmaking, your skills, and your peers this year. We’ve got 38 leading mixed media artist teachers sharing 38 downloadable video lessons and supply lists to help inspire you in 2022. We’ve got a NEW forum to help you share your experiences and artwork with other students and to seek advice and feedback from our artist teachers. We’ve got daily emails to keep you on track and to help you make the most out of the daily lessons. We’ve got LIVE webinars featuring our artist teachers and special guests, covering topics that are near and dear to the heart of any creative. And let’s not forget about those sponsor giveaways to spice things up along the way!

Who are the Artist Teachers this year? We have an amazing list of perennial favorites that I know you will recognize but we also have some new faces that are excited to bring their fresh perspective to the workshop this year.

Why is Creative JumpStart for me? Creative JumpStart is a unique online workshop with short format lessons – each video is about 10-12 min in length and designed to fit into busy modern schedules. Creative JumpStart features a variety of mixed media techniques and styles to help strengthen your existing skills and to inspire you to add some new ones too. Creative JumpStart is not just a place for learning, it is also a catalyst for creating connections within the mixed media community and the creative world beyond.

Ready to JumpStart YOUR Creativity in 2022? Learn more HERE

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  • Deb Newman


    Can hardly wait for next Monday to sign up. Sooooo excited. Loved the reveal zoom. Great idea.


    • nathalie-kalbach


      yeahh I am so glad you liked the reveal zoom! Thanks for coming Deb!


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Spill your heART – Catching Up with Artists and What’s Next

If you didn’t catch our Spill your heART Episode 8, you can watch a recording below. I was joined by some of the artists I interviewed back in 2020 for my Artists in Residence series. We were in lockdown so all of us became “artists in residence” in our own homes. I was curious how these artists were adapting and moving forward since we last spoke. Check it out:

Here is a little overview of the webinar:

Episode 8: Artists in Residence – Where are they now?

In this episode of Spill your heART I was joined by panelists Natalya Khorover and Rhian Swierat, two artists who I interviewed at the start of the pandemic as part of my Artists in Residence series. We talked about their work, how they were approaching their art in general, and any changes to their work in response to the pandemic. Rhian explained that although before 2020 she was interested in working bigger, her circumstances did not allow it and so she began creating installation pieces instead. Natalya has also been creating installations and although at the start of the pandemic she worked on them alone, she began asking the community to get involved too and has enjoyed working with a team. Rhian shared that the memories she incorporates into her work have shifted from focusing on large events to smaller happy moments as she currently finds herself living much more in the present. Natalya described how her teaching process changed to almost entirely online and how her workshops are now primarily her very own. All three of us agreed that the pandemic has pushed us and helped us to discover new ways of displaying our artwork in public.

Join us for the next Spill your heART – it’s our BIG Creative JumpStart 2022 Reveal Special

Next Episode:

Episode 9: Creative JumpStart 2022 Special

Join us for our Creative JumpStart 2022 Theme and Artist Reveal Special! During this Spill your heART episode we will be introducing our theme and also sharing the artists that will be teaching for this 11th year of the CJS online workshop. Each year for Creative JumpStart we craft a theme designed to be both inspiring and relevant to the times and this year we’ve definitely got both covered. Tune in to learn more and to meet some of the mixed media artists who will be creating lessons for the workshop this year. Each year we have familiar faces and new, all assembled together to help you JumpStart YOUR Creativity in January 2022!

Register to attend here

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Creative JumpStart 2021 Sale Ends TODAY!

Last Chance Sale ends TODAY – Monday, September 13th at 11:59pm ET (nyc time). This is your Last Chance to join Creative JumpStart 2021 – the Storyteller 10th Anniversary Edition!!! Join the workshop HERE.

This workshop launched in January of this year but you can still enjoy 45 downloadable mixed media lessons from 45 leading artists, 4 recorded webinars, artist interviews, downloadable supply lists, student galleries, and even a bonus lesson for just $59!!! Don’t miss out – learn what it’s all about.

And don’t forget the Exclusive CJS21 Love Story Foam Stamp – available while supplies last:

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Last Chance Sale – Creative JumpStart 2021

Did you join our Creative JumpStart workshop in January 2021? If not, now is your Last Chance to join this 10th Anniversary Edition!!! Sign up today for just $59. Sale runs through September 13th at 11:59pm ET (NYC time) so hurry hurry!

Are you getting back into the groove of life now that summer is ending? Are you looking for some artistic inspiration and learning? Creative JumpStart is designed to JumpStart YOUR Creativity even if you have a busy schedule – videos are about 10 minutes in length and cover a broad range of mixed media techniques and project ideas. You can download the lessons and jump into one any time – play along, pause, take your time, and take what you’ve learned to your own projects as well. See what it’s all about HERE.

For our special 10th anniversary this year, we celebrated with our BIGGEST Creative JumpStart EVER – 45 different mixed media artists each shared a unique lesson with the theme Storyteller. Join CJS21 while it is still available: The workshop includes 45 downloadable video lessons, 4 recorded webinars featuring CJS21 artists and Life Coach Karen Auld, downloadable supply lists, student galleries, artist interviews, and a bonus lesson too. Join TODAY.

Although CJS21 originally launched in January 2021 and you won’t be able to play along daily, this workshop is still an excellent resource for Inspiration, Artistic Exercise, Mixed Media Techniques, and Creative Enjoyment. And it’s all brought to you by 45 of the leading Mixed Media Artists out there. I bet you recognize some of these faces:

Sign up today for just $59 and be prepared to Jump into a workshop like no other.

Remember, this is a Last Chance Sale as the CJS21 classroom will close on November 15, 2021 – you can download all the videos and supply lists that you want to by this date and save them forever …and we highly recommend doing so! These lessons can be revisited again and again whenever you need a boost for your creative mojo.

Creative JumpStart 2021 Last Chance Sale

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Creative Squad: Jumping with Emilie Murphy CJS21

Hello from my Creative Squad! We have a fantastic mixed media painting from Emilie Murphy who is using my CJS21 limited edition foam stamp Love Story, my Star Struck stencil, and our theme: Storyteller – This month we’re playing along with Creative JumpStart 2021 and the theme Storyteller. We’re using our artwork, our color and material choices, and our personal style to tell a Love Story.

“Love with all your heart”

Hi there! And Happy New Year everyone!

Let’s start the year off by playing along with Creative JumpStart 2021 using the limited edition “Love Story” foam stamp. I decided to paint a simple illustration with watercolors. So let’s jump!

I worked on an 8×8 piece of Hot Press watercolor paper, because I wanted to have a smooth surface but it will also work great on cold press watercolor paper as well.

The first thing I did was to apply VersaMark ink on my Love Story foam stamp to emboss it with white embossing powder. That’s a great technique of “resist” when using watercolors.

Next, I painted the interior of the stamp with bright watercolors. Don’t hesitate to apply enough watercolor pigment because the watercolors get lighter when it dries. I sprinkled some salt on the pink triangle shape to add some texture. I did the same thing on the heart but it didn’t show up when it dried. Probably because my surface was too wet and/or I didn’t put enough salt on it. Just so you know.

Salt is a nice way to add texture, which adds a little bit of interest when using with watercolors.

I let dry, then, I applied some indigo watercolor to the exterior. I left some white space on purpose and added more watercolor pigment along the exterior edges of the stamp.

What I recommend is to work in layers.  First, apply a layer of watercolor, let it dry slightly, then add some more and so on.

To add some interest to the background, I laid down the “Star Struck” stencil and applied some “Faded Jeans” Oxide ink with a foam applicator, only over the layer of watercolor. I slightly went over the top right corner and bottom just to give an irregular look while still leaving white space.

I really love the result. The distress or oxide inks work beautifully with watercolors.

At that point, my painting needed a title. I simply wrote down by hand the sentiment on a piece of white cardstock. I chose the uppercase style by preference.

I slightly inked the edges of my sentiment with some oxide ink. Before gluing it down, I applied some splatters with indigo watercolor hiding my stamp image.

Finally I used some watercolor pencils to add some depth to the image and get a dimensional effect. I first applied a similar color inside each shape to get more depth. Then, I used a brown color to enhance the left and top edges of each shape to get the dimensional effect.

And voila!

I decided to frame this painting and put it in my son’s bedroom. This painting can make a great gift for someone you love.

It would make a nice greeting card or art journal page as well or whatever you’d like to try and make.

Hope it gets you inspired. What about starting the year of 2021 with some fun and creativity!

Have a good rest of the week and see you next month!

Thank you Emilie – absolutely love this piece and that it now has a place in your son’s room – lovely!

Give it a try: you can find all my Foam Stamps and Stencils in my Online Shop and here are some of the supplies Emilie used:

Don’t forget to check out Nat’s Creative Squad on Instagram too: Each week we post projects, ideas, and inspiration for mixed media art.

Comments (1)

  • Robin


    Emilie. As always, your piece is beautiful! I love the colors and how you used the stencil in the background. It’s so fun that it’s framed and in your sons room!!!


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Creative Squad: Jumping with Maura Hibbits CJS21

Hello from my Creative Squad! We are kicking off January 2021 with a gorgeous “Color Story” piece from Maura Hibbitts, who is using my CJS21 limited edition foam stamp Love Story, my New Orleans stencil, and our theme: Storyteller – This month we’re playing along with Creative JumpStart 2021 and the theme Storyteller. We’re using our artwork, our color and material choices, and our personal style to tell a Love Story.

Wishing you a new year of health and joy (and yes, the little joys count)! I am so glad to see the door closed on 2020, and am hopeful this year will bring better changes to us all. One of those changes is Creative Jumpstart which I look forward to each year in January to get my creative mojo revved up. This year, the 10th anniversary of CJS, promises to be amazing! Nathalie, you have outdone yourself organizing a wonderful 45 days of creativity with an awesome array of artists. I’m having fun so far, thank you!

The theme of CJS21 is Storyteller. I love being able to tell a story with my art, and my story today is all about my love of color. I am “fatally” attracted to color…I seek it out around me, I have to wear it, I am compelled to buy it…one bottle of green paint is not enough, I have to have ten shades of it! I love observing the myriads of color in the natural world around me. I love playing with color, dressing myself in bold colors and patterns, photographing it, seeking it out in my travels, and even dreaming in color.

So, with my love of color in mind, I looked at the beautiful Love Story Art Foamie stamp Nathalie designed for CJS21, and envisioned it in all its colorful glory. I began by stamping the image onto watercolor paper with my gel plate and black paint for a bold frame.

I pulled out an array of watercolor papers I’d made with my watercolor paints, gouache, and salt for another project. (You could easily substitute colored card stock.) I stamped different areas of the Art Foamie image onto each color.

I wanted to add more texture to my pieces, so added another layer with the New Orleans stencil and a variety of paints. I really like using a cosmetic sponge to apply my paint through the stencil. Let dry. (Be sure to tap off excess paint from the sponge first, so you will get a nice crisp image).

Next up, cut out the colorful pieces, and fit them into place on the original stamped image. I used a tacky glue to hold them in place, since they are heavier papers.

I purposefully left some spaces white, so I could also add in some watercolor…after all, I hadn’t yet used every color!

I headed to my square black journal, and created a frame with the New Orleans stencil, pink and a bit of green paint.

I trimmed my Color Story piece, adhered it to the center of the page in the journal, and my final step was to journal around it with a white pen.

When I step back and look at my image, it reminds me of stained glass, with its bright array of colors. If you look closely, you can see the stenciled texture, as it is very subtle on some pieces. I like how it stands out on the black background in my journal.

“Color Story…I love color in all its shades and tints of glory…I look for it everywhere in my life” I hope this year is a colorful year for you, filled with stories. Maura

Thank you Maura – we love the bold stained glass effect you created with your Color Story!

Give it a try: you can find all my Foam Stamps and Stencils in my Online Shop and in addition to watercolor papers from her stash, here are some of the supplies Maura used:

Don’t forget to check out Nat’s Creative Squad on Instagram too: Each week we post projects, ideas, and inspiration for mixed media art.

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  • Robin seiz


    Maura, I love how you used this stamp! The texture in this project is sooo yummy! The color on black… and the variety of colors…. it all just fits together so beautifully! What a great start to our squad posts! Bravo!


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Last Day for Early Bird Creative JumpStart

Are you registered for Creative JumpStart 2021 yet? Our special Early Bird sale ends tomorrow, December 31st at 11:59pm EST. Now is the time to sign up and save! 

CJS21 is our 10th anniversary year and the workshop is bigger than ever with 45 different mixed media artists sharing their take on our theme: Storyteller. Jump with us!

We’re super excited about the program this year and the diversity of talent. In addition to downloadable video lessons and supply lists, we have exclusive giveaways from our sponsors, live webinars featuring our artists, opportunities for students to share their artwork and connect with a global art community, and 45 days of inspiration to help you get 2021 off to a creative start.

Learn more here and register TODAY.  CJS21 is just $69 through December 31st, 2020 at 11:59pm EST. 

Also, don’t forget to get our limited edition CJS21 foam stamp Love Story. This design is only available through December 2021 and there is even a bonus lesson in Creative JumpStart 2021 to show you 3 different ways to use it. 

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