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Podcast – Mixed Media Architecture with Artistically You

I had the opportunity to be a guest on Jana’s podcast, Artistically You the other week and am happy to share that with you today. We chatted about my style of artwork, combining architecture and other mixed media elements, my workshops, artistic inspiration and more.

Here is the link to the podcast and then below you can watch the video recording. Enjoy!

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ArtCollab – Watch Episode 8 and Register for the Next One

I hope you joined us for the ArtCollab this month as Sarah Matthews and I celebrated Inktober with some printmaking fun in front of the camera. You can watch a recording here and then scroll down for info on registering to attend our next episode.

Here is an overview of what we did:

In this episode of ArtCollab Sarah and I get our ink on! It is Inktober after all so we shared some of our favorite basic printmaking techniques. Sarah showed how she uses Stampbuddies to create gradient prints, and how she loves to partially print over older prints to create a layered abstract look. I showed how to use ArtFoamies with a Gelli Plate and how to reverse images and mix colors while printing. We answered audience questions about foam stamps and Stampbuddies and talked about how to make your own foam stamps. We also announced our next topic and asked the audience for feedback regarding future topic ideas as ArtCollab will be taking a break after the November episode to come back in February.

Upcoming Episode:

Join us for Episode 9: Showing Gratitude – Tuesday, November 2nd at 12noon ET (NYC time)

Sometimes you have people in your life who have been a big part of the journey that you are on today. Maybe they mentored you somewhere near the beginning when your sense of direction wasn’t yet clear. Perhaps they were there along the way, helping you to make important choices and to see the possibilities. Maybe they got you back on track when you swerved and faltered. We want to acknowledge these people in our lives and talk about the incredible impact they have had in making us who we are today. Nobody is on this journey alone and it is time that we spend a little time Showing Gratitude.

Register HERE to Attend

A recording of this ZoomCast will be posted here after the event.

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Pattern Monday 15 – Video from my Ledger

Happy Monday and welcome to another pattern in my big vintage ledger! This time I’m using stamps from my Floral Tile Large rubber stamp set – the Van Vorst positive and negative stamps. I can imagine this pattern on a much larger surface to really appreciate what is going on. Enjoy the video:

Here is the finished page and what went into it:

Now it’s your turn! Here are the supplies:

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Spill your heART – Episode 7 and Upcoming

If you didn’t catch our Spill your heART Episode 7, you can watch a recording below. I was joined by some of my Creative Squad members past and present – Emilie Murphy, Nicole Watson, Robin Seiz, and Riikka Kovasin to discuss what it’s like to be on a Design Team:

Here is a little overview: In this episode of Spill your heART I was joined by panelists Robin SeizRiikka KovasinNicole Watson, and Emilie Murphy from my Creative Squad to talk about Design Teams. I began by explaining why I started a design team, and we quickly moved on to discuss how the team has since grown and evolved to be so much more for both myself and its members. Joining a design team can be a big commitment, and our panelists spoke about the challenges they faced including technology hurdles, time commitments, meeting assignment criteria, facing possible rejection, and battling self-doubt. The rewards were even greater though and our panelists shared how design teams have helped them grow as artists, tell their stories, create bonds within the community, develop their style, and try products and techniques that they wouldn’t have otherwise. If you are interested in joining a design team, it is important to remember that it should be a fun and joyful experience that you do for yourself, to help you on your own unique artistic journey. Watch the webinar to learn more!

And join us for the next one on September 24th:

Spill your heART Episode 8: Artists in Residence – Where are they now?

2020 was the beginning of unprecedented challenges and changes to daily life around the world. When the pandemic forced us into lockdown, I was inspired to find a new way to connect with my artist friends and I dreamed up an interview series called Artist in Residence. Suddenly all artists were “Artists in Residence” in their own homes and I was curious how they were coping, continuing their craft, adapting to their circumstances, and generally getting on in a very different world. In this I am revisiting Natalya Khorover, Rhian Swierat and Mario Robinson to find out: Where are they now? We will chat about any long term changes, project updates, and future plans. While there are still massive issues to overcome with regards to the pandemic, some aspects of life are returning to what we once knew and it will be interesting to hear some perspective from these artists.

Friday, September 24th at 12noon EDT (NYC time) – Register here to attend

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Art Journal Flip Through – August 2021

Here’s an Art Journal Flip Through of a journal that I kept pretty much for at least 4-5 years. It had some pages that were published and therefore it stayed at the publisher for a while and then I eventually got it back. I used it a lot to try out new products- like stamps and stencils.

Although I do not like every page in it, some I love a lot and it is interesting to see all the different styles and even some things from several years ago that I had totally forgotten about.

Have a look:

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ArtCollab -Episode 6 and Upcoming

Did you catch the last episode of ArtCollab with Sarah and I? We were chatting with Rachel Juanita Bellamy about Pass the Brush and it was our first one with a guest! You can watch the recording below and then read on about our next one coming up on September 7th. Registration link is down below.

Here is what we covered:

Episode 6: Pass the Brush – In this episode Sarah and Nat are joined by special guest Rachel Juanita Bellamy! Rachel is the organizer behind 2020’s Pass the Brush event as well as a talented artist and online educator and in this webinar she shares her background, current projects, and the story behind Pass the Brush.

Rachel talks about her time in the US military and her ongoing passion for service. She describes her beginnings as an artist and how it has balanced her interests and skills since childhood. She shares how she shifted her focus to mixed media in response to personal trauma and the desire to create more freely, and how that has evolved into a love for the process of creating, working on multiple pieces at one time, painting on a larger scale, and realizing the dream of creating online classes.

Rachel explains the Pass the Brush event and its origins in Black Lives Matter, George Floyd’s murder, and her own Unmuted program on social media. Unmuted created some of the connections within the mixed media community which helped Pass the Brush – the artist version of “pass the mic” – become a reality.

Rachel talks about her strategy for the event and what some of her goals were. She describes the well-planned preparations leading up to it and those angels behind the scenes who helped make it happen. Finally she talks about the benefits and the steps forward in the industry since Pass the Brush, but stresses the need for a continuing push.

There is another Pass the Brush event planned, so stay tuned!

Upcoming Episode:

Join us for Episode 7: Back to School – Tuesday, September 7th at 12noon EDT (NYC time)

In this episode of ArtCollab, Sarah and Nat are going Back to School. As teachers, they usually find themselves at the front of the class but sometimes stepping back and taking on the role of student can be incredibly beneficial and inspiring. In fact, artists can always learn something new from other artists and engaging in these role reversals is a great way to try a different medium, sharpen skills, approach ideas from a new angle, and maybe even get the inside scoop on tips and tricks from other practicing artists. Taking classes and attending educational events such as artist retreats are also perfect opportunities to forge new friendships and partnerships in creativity. In addition to this discussion, Sarah and Nat will also teach each other a mini lesson in this episode and attendees can enjoy watching and engaging with them as they play both teacher and student.

Register HERE to Attend

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Pattern Monday 09 – Video from my Ledger

Happy Monday my friends – time for another pattern in my big vintage ledger! For this one I used my Hex Set Small and Solid Hex Small rubber stamps. Check it out in the following video:


Here is a look at the finished pattern and the stamps I used:

Give it a try – here are the supplies I used:

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ArtCollab -Episode 5 and Upcoming

Thank you to all who joined us for the ArtCollab Episode 5 zoomcast – Sarah and I loved having you for our chat about The Art of Self Care. Did you miss it? Don’t worry, you can watch a recording of it below and also read about our next episode, coming up on Tuesday, August 3rd.

Here is what we covered:

In this episode, Sarah and I talk about the importance of Self Care and we offer our tips on how to rest and reset so that we can be our best selves. The past year has left many of us feeling overwhelmed, and now with everything opening back up we are again feeling the pressure to do it all. Even if you love your job, are busy pursuing your dreams, or are balancing a very full plate, making time for yourself is crucial to your health, your ability to care for others, and your ability to make art.

How you make time for yourself and what you do to relax is a personal thing and may take some time to figure out. Living in the moment, reclaiming your vacation time, making art just for yourself, trying new hobbies and types of art, chatting with friends in person, reconnecting with loved ones, and maybe just enjoying the silence are all things to try. The important thing is that you make the time – schedule it and don’t give it up. Self Care is not selfish.

Upcoming Episode:

Join us for Episode 6: Pass the Brush – Tuesday, August 3rd at 12noon EDT (NYC time)

In this episode Sarah and Nat are meeting with Pass the Brush organizer Rachel Juanita Bellamy. In 2020 the Pass the Brush event paired up Sarah and Nat and it prompted them to get to know each other better. Pretty soon they had forged a lovely new friendship and jumped into several creative projects together (including these ArtCollab zoomcasts). They will chat with Rachel about the benefits of artistic collaboration, the importance of elevating others, what has changed since the Pass the Brush event last year, and what challenges remain. Tune in to join us and contribute to the conversation with Questions and in the Chat.

Register HERE to Attend

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Spill your heART – Episode 5 and Upcoming

Did you join us for the latest episode of Spill your heART? If not, you can enjoy the recording below. In Episode 5 we discussed the topic: Studio Organization with my panel of artists: Rachel Juanita Bellamy, Rae Missigman, and Tania Ahmed. In the episode we share photos and stories from our own working studios, we discuss the challenges we still struggle with, and we share solutions that we use to keep our spaces as organized and functional as possible so that we can easily create when it’s time. Check it out:

Here’s an overview:

In this 5th episode I am speaking with panelists Rachel Juanita Bellamy, Rae Missigman, and Tania Ahmed for our topic: Studio Organization. As working artists our studios need to wear a lot of hats and studio organization and functionality are important to how we work, film, and create products. Some of us have spaces that are in our homes and are shared with other family members while others have dedicated spaces where supplies can spread out and stay out for days. Regardless of their location or size, our studios are set up to make working and playing easy, inspired, and a joy in our lives. In this episode we share our tips for organizing papers and other supplies, we talk about cleaning, we explain if and when we purge supplies, we bond over stories of family members “borrowing” our tools, and we reveal the realities of how our studios actually look. Although we are professionals, we all have our weaknesses and struggles when it comes to Studio Organization but through the years we have found ways to use our spaces to our advantage, and we share that experience with you.

Join us for the next one on July 30th:

Episode 6: Artistic Inspiration – Finding the Magic

Join me along with panelists Birgit Koopsen, Amanda Trought, and DeeDee Catron as we discuss that all important but sometimes elusive ingredient to creativity: Inspiration. As professional artists we will share practical tips for finding and energizing your artistic mojo. We’ll also discuss how to encourage it when it gets sluggish, takes a temporary hiatus or when it goes completely missing. Whether you are looking to cultivate inspiration naturally or to take more deliberate actions to get back into the groove, this webinar will focus on tips and tricks for locating, encouraging, and maybe even fabricating artistic inspiration so that you can get on with things and make the magic happen.

Friday, July 30th at 12noon EDT (NYC time) – Register HERE to attend.

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