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Art Stroll: Distort – “Reaching for the Steal”

Last weekend we went to a really amazing art show by Distort – a mural artist I really admire at the Deep Space Gallery.

Upon entering the showroom you see one of a many absolutely awesome wall installations in brick and plaster also done by Distort.

Most of this work was on engraved metal plates and oil paints. Photos can not really show you the depth and dimension Distort creates in his work and boy – It is awesome!

Above Against the Current, 2020

Style Warriors, 2020

Watching Machines, 2020

This wall installation was sooo dope- when you look inside you see a train track vanishing into the plane – Amazing.

Distort had a zine at the exhibition that would show the collage work he did as prep work before painting the work. It was amazing to see the magazine clippings and imagery and then see the actual work resulting from the “draft”

Mountain Dew, 2020

such an awesome reference to his graffiti and mural background

Reaching for the Steal, 2020
The Pentagon, 2020
Supreme Court, 2020

Supreme Court hit me …it was my favorite piece of the show!

Must Come Down, 2020
Venison, 2020

Love Story, 2020

I love how abandoned buildings, the theme of nature taking back areas of architecture and human artifacts are woven over and over into his work.

Father and Son, 2020

Another favorite of mine – this one was actually created on a mirror! Distort is mirrored talking to someone else in the background …I did not talk to him …I am always very shy when I am a groupie hahahaha.

It was such a cool exhibition! If you are in Jersey City or close to it – make an appointment this month with Deep Space Gallery and see it. I love the work that Deep Space Gallery shows but this exhibition was my favorite so far. And really …nothing beats seeing art than seeing art in person!

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  • Sue Clarke


    TFS Nat, Supreme Court called out to me (as well)!
    Not to copy you. LOL


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Art Stroll: JCAST Flagship Gallery, New Jersey


In October the Jersey City Art & Studio Tour 2016 – JCAST – took place and this was the third time I participated since I moved to the States. The flagship gallery in an old warehouse in JC was hopping and bopping with fun artwork and I was stoked to be part the group show.


I had thirteen paintings displayed – a series called “Urbanomics” and it was fun to see my family and friends coming out for the show


There was a lot of beautiful and inspiring artwork around – and I love getting to know more local artists and their work – there is so much talent here- it is mind blowing.


Unfortunately I forgot to jot down the name of the artist above. I loved it- the colors are actually different colored lights projected on the wall – the black lines of the geometric shapes are duct tape.


The paintings and the mural are by Blair Urban.


Lot’s of beautiful artwork in every corner.


Nupur Nishith, Panchtatva, acrylic and ink on canvas . Loved how intricate and colorful this was and Nupur explained to me the different elements of the painting.


Susan George, Ink on paper. Susan is my neighbor and I love how she made those paintings with ink on paper- inspired by zentangle and traditional mandala – every detail of these paintings were so perfect- it was amazing.


Tom Wilson, Blue Room, acrylic, enamel, speaker cones, epoxy – loved the use of material and lines and colors.



Juan-Ramiro Torres, Elan Vital, acrylic on canvas – I always love Juan’s paintings – the texture and forms – beautiful.


Dylan Egon with an installation of his iconic imagery.


Lina Hsaio, Mutant 1, Mixed Media on Wood – I love Lina’s work- her mix of materials and play with visual and actual dimension is stunning.


Monique Sarfity, Pushing Buttons, Keyboard Mosaic – this was really fun  !


Monique Sarfity, Brown Bird on My Shoulder, Scrabble Mosaic – as well as that.


Meghan McKee – this encaustic piece was my absolute favorite of the show – I so want to own it. Meghan does beautiful artwork and I definitely will source her out more :)


It was a great show and I am already looking forward to next year.

Do you have a local Art and Studio Tour where you live?

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  • Nupur Nishith


    Hey Nathalie, I happened to see this post today. It was great meeting you at JCAST. You are very talented. i loved your site. Its really beautifully presented. Thanks for including me in your JCAST story. Hope to be in touch in future.


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Hi Nupur, it was wonderful meeting you! Hope to see you again in JC :) Love your work!!! Nat


  • Peg Hewitt


    Wow, what a fabulous art space! I love all the booths and the variety of art is so broad. Lots of ideas and inspiration there!


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      So glad you enjoyed it Peg! good to hear from you too – hope all is well in Australia :) Nat


  • Nancy Faulls


    Hi Nat!
    Thanks for sharing. Maybe I will drive up from Delaware next year. I am in South Carolina for Thanksgiving so I missed the 22nd Southeastern Delaware art studio tour. It would have been so cool to see our local artists in their own creative spaces.


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      That would be amazing Nancy! And yeah- hope you will see your local tour in 2017 – but hey- Thanksgiving in South Carolina sounds like a great place to be too :)hugs, nat


  • Judith


    Thanks Nathalie for this lovely little art exhibit — it cheered up my morning after 2 weeks of feeling sad about the election. Art does heal, in many ways! Please keep them coming, always a joy to experience the work of others and honor their efforts across cultures, styles, and materials!


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      HI Judith, I am so glad I could cheer you up a little bit! Big hugs to you! Yes art does heal- I have been doing a lot o art the last couple weeks! Have a wonderful sunday!!! Nat


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Jersey City Art & Studio Tour 2015, Oct. 3rd&4th


If you are in the area, I would like to invite you to visit one of my favorite stores in Jersey City – Beekman Lane on Jersey Ave next weekend. Julia and Lori are having my artwork inspired by Jersey City in their store as part of the Jersey City Art & Studio Tour.  You can find the whole map and all stops for this event here – we are Number 31 on the Downtown listing.

It is a pretty amazing event that is worth a visit, there is so much insanely great artwork and talent in this city, that I hope you plan to explore and I would be stoked if you would include me on your art-tour :)
Have a wonderful week

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  • Sue Clarke


    Wish I lived closer…have fun!


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Exhibiting at Jersey City Art & Studio Tour 2014


Super stoked that my art work will be part of the Jersey City Art & Studio Tour 2014. My work will be in the

City Hall of Jersey City, Downtown – Venue Number 19

  • 280 Grove Street, Jersey City, New Jersey


You can find a map here.

This event is in it’s 24th year and I loved taking it last year so much- that I really wanted to participate although I do not have a studio which I could easily open to the public. Huge thanks to JCAST for having me exhibit my paintings in the Jersey City – City Hall.

The 2013 JCAST featured over 700 participating artists exhibiting in over 120 venues, with thousands turning out to embark on the tour. The flagship location, The TenMarc Building on 430 Communipaw Avenue, housed 17 separately curated exhibitions with over 450 pieces of art, theatrical performers, visual artists, and musicians. TenMarc also hosted the much anticipated community kick-off party which was enjoyed by hundreds and sponsored by Hendrick’s Gin, Art In The Age, NJ Beer Company, and many more.

Maybe some of you will join this – I would love to see you or hear how you liked it :)

Have a wonderful day


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  • lynnk50


    Congratulations!! That’s wonderful. Have a great time at the event! Hope you post photos!


  • Sue Clarke


    Glad to hear that it worked out for you to show your art.
    Looks like quite the event.


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