Project 365 – Week 20

What a week! Really crazy, painful and funny. See yourself :)

Was für eine Woche! Verrückt, schmerzhaft and lustig. See yourself :)


That is pretty much how I can describe my day. Painful. A wryneck – and it actually was hurtful  the whole week.


My sweet friend Daphne send me this bag she sewed for me. It is so so cool. You can see some better pictures of the bag on her blog here.


Our little Duck Collection. I guess I need a black St. Pauli Duck :)


I met my friend Thomas for lunch and he had his new puppy Erich with him. Needless to say that I wasn’t able to steal Erich…Thomas didn’t let me. Isn’t that a cutie?


I love going into my favorite little book store and buying a whole stuck of new wonderful smelling books. Can’t wait to dig in :)


Workshop at ScrapbookKings – more photos to follow. I love teaching at their place – if feels home and is so wonderfully organized. And I love meeting the girls again :) It was a crazy day. Later cocktails with friends at the harbour, Dinner and a stolen bike. As I said on Facebook already:

Dear Bikethief, I hope my bike broke last night + bad Karma is getting back at you! Grrrrr – my name is Indigo Montoya…prepare to die


After a fun but short visit by two friends from Switzerland we had a wonderful evening with friends. 2 Americans, 2 Germans, 1 Danish and 1 Italian. hehehe- such a fun photo. Look how they all look as if they just can’t take this plate of German Food- that actually my husband prepared. LOL. They loved it though and had twice servings :)

so that was it…hope you have a gorgeous start into the week!

So das wars…ich hoffe Ihr habt einen wunderbaren Start in die Woche!

  • Daphne


    Ha Schatzie…looks like a great week to me although you were in pain :-(..



  • christiane


    ahh, ich hab’ schon drauf gewartet!! wo hast du das foto von balu her – das war mein erster gedanke!! könnte sein zwilling sein!!
    die tasche habe ich schon bei daphne bewundert!!
    ich hoffe, es geht dir besser!!


  • kim whitten


    great photos! Love that sweet floppy ear Erich has going on. :)


  • lynn


    what fun pix and looks like it was a blast.


  • Jen Davis


    Oh, no! My bike was stolen last year so I totally know what you are going through…not cool at all (LOVE the reference to one of my fave all time movies the Princess Bride too!). Awesome pictures, your workshop looks fun…can’t wait to hear more about it!

    Have a great week Nat, you deserve it!



  • Sue Clarke


    Sorry you were in such pain…hope it is already gone! The bag is such an awesome pattern; the puppy is adorable; the scrapping place looks so bright and cheery; bummer about your bike; and I love the beautiful table with friends from all over the world. I also got a chuckle from the Princess Bride (?) reference;-)


  • kristii


    I am so sorry you have been in pain!!! I hope it gets better soon!!! Love the bag-awesome!!! Wish I could attend one of your workshops!! At least I get to enjoy your amazing art in the net!! Have a great day!!


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