Abstracts in Acrylic & Ink by Jodi Ohl

My wonderful friend Jodi Ohl wrote this inspiring book Abstracts in Acrylic & Ink and it is stuffed with loads of great techniques, tricks and inspiration. In Jodi’s own words it “is a book about learning how to unfold, learn, grow, expand, experiment and experience a dialogue with art.”

The artwork and step outs are beautifully photographed and definitely make you wanna go into your studio and play yourself.

I am super stoked that Jodi also asked me to contribute some of my paintings to her book as they represent some of the concepts she covers in her book.

Get yourself a copy or leave a comment on the bottom of this post for a chance to win one of the copies of the book I received. You can comment until January 28, 2017 midnight EST and I will pick one lucky winner randomly and announce the winner shortly after.

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  • Luz Marcano


    Thanks for sharing information and the opportunity yo win the book. Any chance of visiting Western Massachusetts to teach?


  • Genevieve Butler


    I love Jodi’s concept of experiencing a dialogue with art! I think it’s a good way to approach an art journal page – rather than trying to complete a perfect piece of art from the outset, I’ll just say to myself “now I am going to have a dialogue with art” and see what happens!


  • Andrea


    I really love Jodi’s art! That would be so nice to win a copy of her book!


  • Alisa


    Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this book! I’m sure it is amazing!


  • Lisa


    This looks like a fantastic book! Congrats to Jodi and to you! :)
    I will be standing in So Cal, facing north and waving at you while you are in San Jose. :) So close, and yet too far to make it to a midweek class. Have fun!!


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ART JOURNAL YOUR ARCHETYPES by Gabrielle Javier-Cerulli—Book Giveaway

I just received two copies of this wonderful book by Gabrielle Javier-Cerulli


ART JOURNAL YOUR ARCHETYPESMixed Media Techniques for Finding Yourself

“In this unique book, you will learn processes for discovering your core archetypes and using that knowledge to create highly personal visual expressions, all the while embracing the personal revelations and creative breakthroughs that result”. -Gabrielle

Gabrielle asked me along with a couple other wonderful artists if I’d contribute to her book. I was super honored and of course I said yes. Gabrielle had a long conversation with me to explore my archetypes which was very interesting to learn about. After the interview and after she told me my archetypes I created art journal pages based on those. It has been so much fun and I learned a lot about myself. Here are the pages I contributed:

rebel_01_aj_natkalbach judge_01_aj_natkalbach liberator_01_aj_natkalbach


Find out more about Archetypes, your own archetypes and how they can prompt your art journal pages in this book. Thank you so much Gabrielle for including me!

Get yourself a copy or leave a comment here for a chance to win one of the copies of the book I received. You can comment until October 26, 2016 midnight EST and I will pick one lucky winner randomly and announce the winner shortly after.

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  • Sandra L.


    Gorgeous book and your pages are always so powerful. I am new to art journals and for months have sat and stared at the blank pages. Winning a copy of the book would hopefully spark what is needed to get me on the correct path. Thanks for the opportunity.


  • Kim Johnny


    Love your bold and bright pages! Fabulous! The book looks so wonderful and would love to learn from it. Thanks so much for sharing and a chance to win!~kim


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Behind The Scenes – Filming My DVDs



Last year was really a whirlwind of a year and I might have to pinch myself still in disbelief things really happened- LOL. For example my trip to Cincinnati, Ohio where I was invited to film some Mixed Media DVD’s for F&W Media (parent company of Cloth Paper Scissors,  Artists Magazine, North Light Books,  Artists and Makers and many many more).

It was quite an operation and it was pretty cool to see how filming outside of a tiny messy studio with a little webcam works and how much work and how many awesome fun people are involved. Let me show you some behind the scenes photos :)

FW 02

I was so crazy nervous the first of the four days- you have no idea. Besides being nervous about the whole camera situation I also became pretty aware that I have an accent and make language mistakes …what if I would really blow it…LOL. No worries though …I think I compensated that with funny faces ;)

FW 03

Everything was good – The crew was super super sweet and Kristy Conlin who was my “student” for the filming was super fun to work with! We laughed a lot …

FW 05

And made smart comments about weird things…

FW 20

and made very important decisions on what to eat for lunch

FW 22

and just picked on each other ….LOL

FW 23

and smiled….a lot …when we didn’t know if the camera was already rolling or not…

FW 06

Here is Amy Jones, my producer – she is so sweet and awesome and organized and really put me at ease and was just amazingly encouraging and welcoming!

FW 18

FW 13

She also kept all of us in check …because you know…lot’s of Shenanigans happened during the takes ;)

FW 21

FW 25

FW 12

Lot’s of cameras and lot’s of light- boy – it was HOT in there …I have a new respect for everyone working in studios …ever walked through the light section of a big department store in your winter jacket? Double that feeling and you are close! Because of the noise you can’t run the air conditioner to cool it down either and it was a really warm November on top. So every time we were done with a take we pretty much went out side to cool off a bit.

FW 14

It was great to see how they had set up the set with my artwork

FW 16

FW 26

This is Sam – above – so much fun to work with him and Erin – below left. They are amazing!!!

And see George mounted on the camera?

FW 11

Yup- that is a trick to keep you reminded to look at him and so into the camera while talking …because…it is awkward to talk to the a camera…but talking to George …ha …nice ;)

FW 24

Amy stuck George into my Art Journal when I went home, which I forgot until I was teaching a class at Pratt where he fell out …very weird moment- LOL – try and explain that ;)…I need to do a page with him – LOL

FW 28

Such a wonderful crew of people- It was so wonderful to work with them and the four days went by really quick. I hope I will see them again :)

FW 08

The DVD’s are estimated to come out in March this year and I am looking forward to tell you what the content is- that I wasn’t allowed to share yet :)

I hope all of you on the East Coast are all warm and safe right now with the snow storm – I am snuggled into my warm studio and I am planning on doing some artwork and eat some hearty stew today. Have a wonderful weekend!

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MEH or …Published in Prima Art Zine

This layout was published in the My Prima Place idea art-zine Volume 8 . I used a photo from my fun photo shoot with Andreas Muhme a couple months ago. If you want to know what caused this Expression on my face – read my article “Definitely Not Germany’s Next Top Model



The article was about the different uses of the Prima Distress Tool.



I would say I distressed the heck out of those Prima Products- LOL ;)

Here is what I used in detail :


Hope you have a non-meh day ;)



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Farewell SAZ …or…La Dolce Vita Minialbum


A bit sad I write this post- in Dezember 2006 my friends Andrea and Jana started with their German magazine ScrapArtZine. What started as an electronic magazine became a print magazine pretty quick and I loved contributing to the magazine from the beginning on.


It was fun being part of something that was created by a sole group of devoted people – no big publishing house in the background, from the articles, to the pictures, to the graphic design, to the layouting, taking care of advertisers, subscribers etc,  to the getting it to the printer, to putting it in envelopes to sending more than 2000 issues out…all in the hands of a couple of people – mostly Jana and Andrea. I think that is pretty amazing.


The sad thing is…the magazine had its last issue out this January…it is just to time consuming and too crazy to continue for my friends who have a full-time job too which actually puts food on the table. The magazine didn’t for neither of us. I can totally understand their decision – although it sad to see this magazine go.  It closes another chapter of my more scrapbooking related path from years ago – I have moved in a very different direction for years now and it was wonderful that Andrea and Jana let me still be part of it in writing my columns and articles.  Thank you Andrea and Jana for a good time and fun at the SAZ. I enjoyed it a lot.


The last article I wrote was about Prima’s Mixed Media Albums…and the pictures you see are some samples from the article. I will miss writing articles for magazines…but who knows what the time will bring.

What magazines Mixed Media/Craft/Scrapbooking do you enjoy to read?



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My Prima Place…Volume 5

Finally you can read the Prima Marketing Magazine My Prima Place online- meaning it is available for everyone for free- weheeee :)



I have also a little Holiday Canvas in this issue  – fun and easy and with a little tutorial on how to create it :).

Bildschirmfoto 2012-12-15 um 12.56.04


You can find the magazine here


What are your favorite Magazines (Mixed Media, Scrapbooking, Lifestyle, Decoration etc)?

Have a wonderful day :)


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There’s life in the old dog yet

4 1/2 years ago I created this layout called “Old”. I loved it so much- you know it was for me one of those layouts, when you create something and you are actually love what you did. For a long time it was a favorite of mine. It was also created in a time when I was still thinking that publishing something would define my value of my work….I submitted this layout like crazy and it was never taken. Oh well…I still loved it and that is why this layout had a place in my gallery.

Here is the journaling:

What is all the fuss about getting older? When I’m old I will be wrinkled, funny, kept and sunny- just like this car. Remind me of this writing in 20 years, ok? :-)

San Francisco, 2001

Fast Forward 4 1/2 years later , with lots of wrinkles more ;) I received an email by one of the Somerset Memories Editors, telling me, that she stumbled across this layout in my gallery and she would like to publish it. Can you imagine how giddy I was? Yes, there’s life in the old dog yet. And the moral of the story? Well…don’t think that just because something you submitted and wasn’t taken is not good enough, don’t think just because you didn’t make it to a design team or just because something else you applied for wasn’t taken, that you are not good enough. It might have been just the wrong time or the wrong place. Just don’t give up ! Believe in what you love!

What are you thoughts of getting older?

Huge hugs




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I want to ride my bicycle

A layout that reminds me on sunnier days in Hamburg ;) Yes yes…I know …we Hamburgers love to talk about the weather- but hey…it is EXTREME – LOL. The funny thing is…the TRUE Hamburger rides his/her bike at any weather…and I do only take it out when the weather is absolutely fab. Which means…this year my bike is having a sad sad time in the cellar ;)

This Layout was part of my article about the Crafter’s Workshop Templates in the Summer issue of the ScrapArtZine.

I had layered Julie’s amazing star stencil sveral times using acrylic paints.

Supplies: Crafter’s Workshop Template Layered Stars, Studio Calico Die Cut Papier Blue Bracket und Love Bird,Fancy Pants Windy Day, Pink Paislee Chipboard Tiles, Pink Paislee Ephemera Die Cuts, Prima Songbird Alpha Sheet, Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L MyStik und 3D Foam Pads, Liquitex Heavy Acrylic Paint


How about you? Do you like riding your bicycle?


huge hugs



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Heidi Swapp Memory Files – Travel Art Album

Can you imagine how stoked I was, that Heidi Swapp featured my Travel Art Album I made with her amazing new Memory Files for the ScrapArtZine Spring Issue? Between you and me…I actually almost fainted when she sent me the email asking for the pictures for her website… – and I almost fainted again when I read her sweet words about the album. I mean… of my idols when I started with this whole journey…

I love her products and ….shhh….I once bought an insane amount of her Heidi Swapp Chipboard Letters …ahem…and I mean INSANE – I have a whole drawer full in all colors and if you look at my projects you see them actually quite often ;)

As Heidi mentions, our style is totally different and yet- I love her collection – it makes it so easy to work with, is timeless and amazingly adjustable to any style.

You can read how I made the album on Heidi’s Website- I just show you the pictures- you actually might spot some pictures of our awesome California Roadtrip in January if you saw my photos back then.

So fun – I love those Memory Files and definitely will work more with them :)

What kind of project/theme would you use them for?


My new Über*Media Online Workshop is here – Learn the whole Shebang about Acrylic Paints


Huge hugs


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