Creative JumpStart Interviews with Kae Pea, Tania, Riikka, and Rachel

Are you ready to learn about more of this year’s Creative JumpStart Artists?

“Jumping with” is an interview series that I like to do to showcase some of the CJS artists. Each year we always have some new faces or folks that I haven’t spoken with in a while and it’s a fun way for us to get to know the artists a little more before January. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy a few interviews with some very talented people.

Learn more about Kae Pea here:


Learn more about Tania here:


Learn more about Riikka here:


Learn more about Rachel here:


Creative JumpStart 2019 begins on January 1st but you can sign up now with our Early Bird pricing for just $50:

See you on Friday Dec 7th at 12noon EST for one of my Kaffeeklatsch chats on Facebook. It’s been a while and I’d love to chat with everyone who tunes in :)

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Creative JumpStart Interviews with Andrea, Linda, Rowan, and Marsha

Are you ready to learn about more of this year’s Creative JumpStart Artists?

“Jumping with” is an interview series that I like to do to showcase some of the CJS artists. Each year we always have some new faces or folks that I haven’t spoken with in a while and it’s a fun way for us to get to know the artists a little more before January. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy a few interviews with some very talented people.

Be prepared to learn, get inspired, and to get even more excited for Creative Jumpstart 2019 :)

You can find more about Andrea here:

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You can find more about Linda here:


You can find more about Rowan here:


You can find more about Marsha here:


And there is still time to save on Creative JumpStart 2019 – it is only $50 through December 31st so sign up and get ready to JUMP into 2019!

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Creative Jumpstart Interviews with Carolyn, Danielle, Iris and Gwen

“Jumping with” is an interview series that I like to do to showcase some of the CJS artists. Each year we always have some new faces or folks that I haven’t spoken with in a while and it’s a fun way for us to get to know the artists a little more before January. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy a few interviews with some very talented people.

Be prepared to learn more about our artists for Creative Jumpstart 2019, build your excitement for January, and LAUGH! I hope you have just as much fun watching these as we had filming them :)

Find out more about Carolyn here:


You can find out more about Gwen here:


You can find out more about Danielle here:


You can find out more about Iris here:


Don’t forget that the Cyber Week Sale of 45 USD instead of 60 USD for Creative JumpStart 2019 runs until November 30, 2018 – 11.59 pm EST – so don’t miss out on this fantastic deal!

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Mixed Media Circus Whimsical Collage – Photos

Ready for an epic photo capture of the 3 Day Collage Workshop my friend Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and I taught in Coventry, UK for Art Workshops last week?

We had a fabulous time with 32 students – and started Friday by creating lots of patterned paper.

Making marks


layering stencils

smiling :)


layered stamping and scratching

layering and splattering

just going going going

It was so much fun to watch everyone being in the zone :)

well…I hope they had as much fun watching us LOL

more layered stencils

look at my new Hex in action – Diane rocked this pattern!

Ally aka Piere aka Sam ;) (insider joke) agreed to spice up the photos a bit …there was a lot of that as you will see this weekend LOL

And then it was time for the next day and starting the first six collages and talking about Elements and Principles of Design.

We had some collaborative fun!


and some wand waving was included too (again ….insider joke sorry LOL)

I think it was a lot of fun to work on a big surface too for a change

and then we just looked at all the sheets that were created and were part of what we taught that day

On the third day Julie and I started with a demo of how we usually work in a series

while making fun of each other ;)

and then it was up to our amazing students to put everything they learned in the last 2 1/2 days into six collages.

we did our best to help …oh brother ;)

Look at happy Abs – such a contagious smile :)

Beautiful messes were made



lots of wonderful transfers

and of course lots of photos were taken in between



And then for the final everyone displayed their 12 collages on a piece of paper and we had a good look at all of them.

The leap between the first six and the second six on the final day were amazing. And soooo much color and happiness.

We had such a great time and it fills me with a lot of happiness to look at those photos. Thank you all so much for coming to this workshop and jumping into this crazy artful adventure with us :) Thank you to Sue from Art Workshops and her amazing team Dawn, Debbie and Leroy for all the wonderful help and making us feel super welcome. This was the second time I taught for Sue and sure hope it wasn’t the last :)

I am taking a in-person teaching hiatus most of 2019 as I have some big plans and …well some of you might have seen it, we are on a house hunt which is taking up a lot of time (plus the way it looks it will def. a house that requires a lot of work). Cross your fingers for us – it is a bit stressful to find a place esp. in this area – I won’t lie ;)  Join me meanwhile for my online workshops here and watch this place in the next months for even more online workshops :)


Comments (4)

  • Dawn


    Fabulous memories of a fabulous weekend. It was lovey to meet you for the first time and see you inspire so many students. Hope to see you again soon xx


  • Hazel Agnew


    Without doubt the best course for content that I have ever experienced! Learned so much. And we had a ball at the same time. Grateful thanks! Xx


  • Ally


    Glad I could spice up those photos! 😂
    It was a truly awesome weekend!!! Thankfully we had fabulous teachers too!!! Xxx


  • Debbie Martin


    So many wonderful memories of a very special weekend. Fantastic to see you again and looking forward to next time. Tapping my thumbs frantically for you. Hugs Debbie xx


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Workshop Photos of Transfer, Trace, Transform

Last Saturday I hosted my workshop Transfer, Trace, Transform at home and I loved having a wonderful intimate group of 6 talented Ladies coming from Maryland, Connecticut and New York.

The dining room area was transformed into a workshop area

It was so wonderful seeing how the workshop techniques came to alive

And slowly a creative mess was made :)

It is really super fun to teach a small group

Loved seeing all the transfer techniques in their art journals

We covered quite bit of techniques

and here are some more pages

and pattern fun !

Nothing better than a colorful Saturday

There was a lot of swooning over James Dean …I mean …of course

and after a pizza break and the tiniest cupcakes you have every eaten

things got pretty elaborate

So much fun! Cannot wait for the next workshop at home!

Probably coming up in Spring or Summer . I am taking a bit of a break next year from traveling and teaching in person to take care of some “projects”  :)  but I am teaching right now a fun BYO – Built Your Own Art Journal– online and more online workshops are to come to come.

Comments (10)

  • Joanne Howard


    I spy Janene and Kate! You must have had a fun day! Would love to come up sometime as well! Looking forward to next year! We are so lucky to have some talented folks within driving distance!


  • Sue Clarke


    Loved seeing what folks created with these new techniques!
    How fun to be a part of a workshop at your house Nat.
    Did the cat and kitten get involved?


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Niles came down for a bit- he is a social cat- Bobby Pretzel is funny enough a bit shy of people and was kind of hiding on the staircase but was spied once in a while :)


  • Linda Wyatt


    Next time I’m coming even if my sore shoulder says no🎨🎨


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Would so love to see you! Some of the Transfer techniques are a bit hard on the shoulder though – but next time we do somethign else :)


  • Janene


    I had a FABULOUS time spending the day with you and my fellow art journalers! I learned so many fun transfer techniques. Count me “IN” the next time you offer a class in your studio. Thanks for the wonderful experience!


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      It was so wonderful to see you again Janene!!! Thank you so much for coming!!!


  • Barbara Murphy


    Thanks for posting the pics, Nat. Such a fun weekend, and great group of ladies. I can’t wait to come back again, as long as James Dean shows up. I plan to have lots of fun with your tracing technique, and I’ll probably see you in those on-line workshops. And, what a loveley hostess you are.


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Thank you so much for coming Barbara!!! I had a wonderful time with you – and you are an awesome guest <3


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Photos of the OstseeScrap Workshops in Germany

I had such a great time teaching for the third time at the Baltic Sea for the Ostsee Scrap Retreat in Germany. It was wonderful to see so many known and new faces again and yes it was also fun to teach in German for a change again :)

18 gorgeous ladies joined for the 3-Day Retreat filled with different workshops ranging from pure Scrapbooking to Art Journaling to Mixed Media Canvases. I taught two workshops starting with a Mono Printing workshops.

From some basics about using different tools

and supplies to create texture and patterns

we worked our way up.

Made our own stamps and stencils

and got our hands dirty with wonderful colors

Some created backgrounds for Scrapbooking Layouts

And some created some Mono Print Paintings

It was a fun morning

and I am super happy to report that many are joining the dark site of mono printing ;)

I hooked them up  LOL. they cannot be stopped anymore!

I lurked in some of the other classes – here is Mel teaching an amazing mini album workshop …and as you can see the students are very behaved ;)

And here is a photo of Denise and me …also well behaved …and no, I did not drink hahaha- jet lag at its finest ;)

I also had a little bit time on Saturday to down the beach – which is about 3 mins next to the workshop room

Even though it was raining in between it was wonderful to walk around , and breathe in some fresh air.

I miss those iconic Windbreaker Seats – Strandkorb – typical for the Nordic Sea and Baltic Sea in Germany . When I see one of those I always feel wind in my hair and smell sunscreen …no kidding

And …another typical sight -a smoked fish hut along the beach. Also pretty cool.

I was also super stoked to see my sweet friend Andrea again – she was also teaching and I haven’t seen her personally in about 4 years. She and I go way back together in doing what we do :)

Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture with Sandra who also taught a wonderful workshop – but hopefully next time :)

On Sunday I taught an art journaling class

Loved seeing some self made journals

but also some students decided to use the techniques in their daily journals

or on background papers for scrapbooking Layouts

and even in mini albums

I love that- it just shows the versatility of the techniques that you can use in an art journal.

I loved gorgeous patterns


and how the stencils and stamps were being used –

And loved seeing some super free pages



I had a great time- thanks Susan for the shot of me at the end of the last workshop

Danke ! to all the students – it was so wonderful – AMAZZZZIIIINNNNGGG – wedel wedel – to see you and thank you to Dani, who once again organized a great retreat- thank you for having me!

If you would like to take an in-person class with me, I am teaching two more in-person classes this year:

there is one spot left in a workshop at my home on October 13th “Transfer, Trace, Transform” and I am also teaching a Mixed Media Collage WS with my friend Julie Fei-Fan Balzer in Coventry, UK for Art Workshops on November 2-4- and I think there are one or two spots left.

If you cannot join me in-Person – check out my new Online Class – BYO Art Journal – it is super fun !!!

Comments (2)

  • Denise


    It was such a pleasure and *fangirlmode on* honor *fangirlmode off* to meet you.

    The workshops were aaaaaammmmmmaaaaaaazzzzzziiiiiiinnnnnnnggggg.

    Love from the Baltic Sea <3


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      AWEEEE- Denise es war so schön, Dich zu treffen!!! BUSSSIIIIII – nat


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Jump into Autumn! Creative JumpStart 2018 Sale

Fall is just a week away and maybe you are looking for some inspiration? If you missed Creative JumpStart 2018 this January, it’s not too late to take advantage of the online workshop. For the next few days (September 14-17, 2018), I am running a 20% off sale on CJS18 for those of you who might need a little JumpStart to your mixed media projects :)

The price is just $40 when you sign up by September 17th, 2018. You can sign up here and get started right away!

Creative JumpStart 2018 features 31 downloadable videos by leading mixed media artists. The videos are downloadable until November 15th 2018 and once downloaded, are an invaluable resource when you need some new ideas.  Although you may have missed the fun and excitement of playing along in real-time with the CJS community, you will still have access to the CJS18 Classroom through Nov 15, where you will find material lists, artist bios, and galleries of project images that Jumpers uploaded during January.

Enjoy the sale and I hope to see you in January 2019 for the next Creative JumpStart!

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Back to School: Watercolor Class at JCAS

Last Sunday was the last lesson of six in a Watercolor class with John Duval at the Jersey City Art School. As some of you might know I have taken two printmaking classes already there and I really love being able to do something different over several weeks, and just being able to walk there.

This was the first time I took a Sunday morning class and I have to say, despite my first hesitance of getting up early on a Sunday it was really awesome – having my friend Mary join helped ;)

What drew me in taking the class were several factors – I really suck in painting with watercolors and I love John’s loose expressionistic style depicting urban landscapes. Here are three gorgeous samples of John’s work- check out his website for more or follow him on instagram!

John started with explaining and showing the different applications of watercolor he uses for his watercolor paintings- from very wet application (wash), to medium wet and sticky watercolor application, to dry brush application.

He talked about the importance of planning a painting and how to not shift your plan. You can imagine that was a tough one for me ;)

Above one of my first attempts …gosh …sigh …but hey- it was fun and I learned a lot

One of my favorite aspects of the class was his usage of a limited color palette (yeah I know guys- awkward right?) and how to play with alternating warm and then cool colors and vice versa in the layers.

Me trying out the one tone approach – there are areas that I like and some I am like “WTH”?

I loved seeing his demos of painting from start to finish and talking through his process as well as how he chooses a subject to paint. At first I was really itchy to get back to the easel and paint myself, but I realized very soon that a lot of what he talked about and went through sticked in my head and was helpful for my own process. Very dear to my heart was his approach of not being afraid of changing up the scene so that it looks interesting or reflects how you feel rather than the actual depiction of the place.

John about to start after sketching a rough scene from a photo.

John’s finished piece piece from one of the demos- you can actually see a bit of the original photo on the left.

As we progressed in the class we picked our own images and I loved seeing what everyone was doing and talk through it.

I focused on the house and the water …as you can tell trees and foliage …not so much ;)

Love the beach scene of one of the fellow students- especially her shadows.

Such a great water texture here and I love the color scheme.

And I really loved the mood in this one- so gorgeous!

John is a great teacher, he is very good in explaining what he does and why he does it and he is good showing students why and where things work and where not. I loved taking a class from him and I will def. do so again …yes in watercolor —gasp ;)

If you are in the Jersey City – NYC area- take a class with John Duval – I am sure he sends out class informations through his newsletter !

What I learned in this class:

  • Watercolor is fun and sometimes you just need it to let it do it’s own thing
  • “Never say die until it’s dry” – John Duval – meaning once it is dry you cannot fix things so be quick
  • think about warm and cool colors more and how this can create visual interest and contrast
  • The watercolor consistency is defined by the water in the brush not on the palette – so don’t dip your paint brush all the time into the water (I only learned this so far in theory- still working on it)
  • Don’t give too much visual information – our little brains do a lot to fill in the gaps

What I take away for the future:

  • Why not add some “people” into a painting to make the scene more lively
  • Change scenes up – you can take a photo if you are going for reality
  • Have the wash or underpainting in my acrylic paintings look through a bit more often
  • Work with a limited color palette or even just one color and play with the tones, tints and shades for a study
  • Why not paint a bit more in watercolor – it is quick and it is just paper and I can actually only improve ;)

Comments (2)

  • Sue Clarke


    What a fun post! I love the limited colors that you used in that first piece that you did (I do bet that it killed you to use limited colors).
    The beach piece is delightful.
    He really is talented and I just don’t know how artists can do so much with watercolors.


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      ha. you know me well -yes it was really challenging to only use a limited palate but it was really good to do so . :)


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Workshop at Nat’s Place – Transfer, Trace, Transform Art Journaling Oct. 13

Come to my place for the day!

I’m super excited to announce that I will be teaching an extra special workshop right here in my home in Jersey City, NJ on October 13th, 2018! I invite you to my home for the full day Transfer, Trace, Transform art journaling workshop.

Join me for a fun day of exploring different ways to trace and transfer images into your art journal pages. The imperfect look of transferred photos can serve either as a building block of your layering process or as a stand alone focal point of a page. Tracing techniques provide just as many creative choices, and we’ll learn loose tracing techniques based on different image sources to give you a variety of options for your art journaling. Not only are there many ways to actually transfer or trace images, there are also many ways to transform those images in your art journal into something personal and unique.

AND we’ll do it all in my home in Jersey City, NJ so you can bet it will be a one-of-a-kind experience, with new friends and old, and lots of laughs :)

Space is extremely limited, sign up today!

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