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Reveal Less – Art Journal

The less you reveal the more people can wonder :)

I wanted to try how it looks when I use the mini Beacon Foam Stamp from the Mini Tile Set and the normal sized Beacon Foam Stampon top of each other – and I am in Love :)

I like it :)

You can get your own stamps in my store and explore even more possibilities with them:

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  • Jill Adamy


    What a cool idea! I love using stamps like this… and trying to make my own! Thanks for the great ideas and inspiration!


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Better Person – Art Journal

I truly am a better person in summer :) 100%

For this spread I had fun using my new Mini Hex Set. It is soooo cute …in summer, fall,  winter …you get the picture ;)

What I love about foam stamps is that you can use them with acrylic paint and furthermore- depending on what paint you use, the texture you can create with them.

I used all the stamps in the set – but of course you can also make awesome pattern with just using one of them repeatedly.

What is your favorite season?

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  • Sue Clarke


    Hands down it’s fall!
    I also like foam stamps for using paint in my art journal and canvas.


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Empowering Art Journal Spread

It’s so empowering to say “this isn’t serving me” and walk away…as long as you are not a meany about it.

Ha- LOL- this spread is all over the place …but it was fun to play around. I also used my new Amsterdam Foam Stamps – small and big :)

This spread started as a demo page in one of my workshops and I think the lady sketched in green just didn’t really do it for me …but heck …you know ….it is not always about a masterpiece it is also about just trying things and playing. And I also think it is about being kind to yourself – why beating yourself up for something that is supposed to be fun and loose and bring you joy.

Alas: I do love the color combination and the background with the houses and the Amsterdam pattern. There…much better ;)

Here are the supplies I used besides acrylic paints

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Actually I Can – Special RubberStamp Release

Wohooo – Here you go – a special RubberMoon release of a new set “Actually, I can!” – Meet those two awesome Ladies and my mantra :)

Here are two cards with the Ladies colored in

An art journaling page – with Maiko being stamped on some painted deli paper

And one with Millie – also printed on deli paper.

I hope you like the “Actually I can!” Set as much as I do. They are fun for cards, and art journal pages and I cannot wait for you to see more examples and what the design team does with them :)

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Sun Will Rise – Art Journal

Sun will rise and I will try again …


Loved stamping the pattern with my Maze Hex Foam Stamp

You can tell I am still in summer mode by the colors- can’t you? :)

Here are the supplies besides acrylic paints, that I used:

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When in Doubt – Art Journal

When in doubt…add flowers!

I was just playing around with my new RubberMoon Circle Jumble Sets. Oh my …I am so in Love with them …

I did those little mandalas using the small and the big set and also incorporating the “topper stamp” which can be used to to turn the circles into ornaments, but also as borders or like here into part of the mandalas.

I used the RubberMoon Moonlight Duo black – I love that you can create black and grey tones with the black and white divided ink pad. I need a lighter hand then stamping – hahahah ;)

Fun fun fun – I could have also colored the mandalas in …but I will do that another time- I really liked the black and white effect.

Here are some the supplies I used

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Thinking too much – Artjournal

“I think …I think too much….” – No seriously- LOL.

Played with my new Diamond Hex Foam Stamp –

love how this turned out with the light color on the dark background.

actually I am pleased with the hole color combo – it just kind of came together and I played with different green tones as well when I painted the lady and the table – and then I loved how it popped off the page :)

Here are some of the supplies other than acrylic paint that I used:

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I care – Do you? Art Journal

“Human morality is unthinkable without empathy” …

This spread is a couple weeks old – as my art journaling is part of my thoughts and emotions when I create the spreads everyday news get their way into it too. Sometimes hidden, sometimes as here pretty obvious.

It is a chaotic and kind of ugly page …just like the whole topic this is revolving around.

I thought a bit about posting this spread, but being quiet is not an option anymore…

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  • Denise Spillane


    Love this. Says it all. Beautiful work as always. My friend was just talking about how we cannot be quiet.


  • Sue Clarke


    Love love love the texture and the colors.
    Not sure what was on your mind, but it fits with my current thoughts on the POTUS. (sadly)


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Space Oddity – Art Journal

Yes.. I did crank up Space Oddity by David Bowie while making this spread. Music – such an important part of my life – I love playing music while painting.

I used some off white Acrylic paint with the new ArtFoamies Space Oddity stamp – gosh I love it.

I painted over an magazine image which I do a lot as it is easy peasy and also helps practicing drawing faces and figures.

Do you listen to music when you do something creative or do you need a super quiet environment?

Here are some of the additional supplies I used besides acrylic paint for this spread

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