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Feel the Rhythm – Jennifer Gallagher

Happy Tuesday from my Creative Squad! Today we have Jennifer Gallagher sharing her method for making a custom coloring sheet using my Maiko stamp and my Fan-tastic Large stamp set. Her inspo was this month’s theme: Feel the Rhythm – We’re thinking about patterns this month and using stamps to create a rhythm of marks. Show us your sense of rhythm!

When contemplating creating patterns for this month’s creative squad post, it occurred to me how much I enjoy coloring in patterns. Long story short, I decided to create my own customized coloring sheet with Nat’s stamps. Coloring is very popular now and I totally understand why. It is a very fun and relaxing way to pass the time. Follow along with me and create your own unique coloring pages. It’s quick and easy.

1. We are going to need a mask of Nat’s Maiko stamp. Begin by stamping the image onto a piece of white copy paper.

2. Cut the stamped image out.

3. Using low tack tape, place your Maiko mask down onto a 9×12 piece of drawing paper. Then using a ruler create a grid-line every three inches across the paper. This step is optional but I find it helpful.

4. Choose a few stamps from Nat’s Fan-tastic Large stamp set to create a pattern.

5.Stamp your pattern with a black ink like Momento Tuxedo black. 

6. Lift the Maiko mask off the paper and stamp the image down in the negative space left behind.

7. Now is the fun part – color your design in with your favorite colored pencils.

I had a blast coloring in my hand-made coloring page. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to make some before now. Be sure to play along each month with the creative squad and share your creations online. 

Thank you Jennifer – I love how Maiko looks on that gorgeous background! You can find my rubber stamps in my online shop. Here are some of the other supplies that Jennifer used:

Feel inspired? Working on something yourself that you’d like to share?  I love to see how you interpret our monthly themes. Email me how you used my stencils and stamps with the theme and email me an image – I would love to share your projects in my next  “n*Spiration From Around the Globe“.

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Spring Sweep Sale in the Shop!

We’re having a sale! Yes 20 % off all physical products in the Online Shop now through 11:59pmEST on April 15th. Just enter the coupon code SWEEPSALE when you check out and enjoy!

AND – All domestic (in the US) orders over $200 will ship FREE!

I’m doing a bit of Spring Cleaning and passing some great deals on to you :) Maybe you’ve had your eye on some of my foam stamps?

Hurry while they are still in stock. You can find all my foam stamps here.

Or how about some of my Stencils?

There are lots of patterns to choose from – many inspired by my travels and my own neighborhood. You can find my Stencils here.

I’ve also added a lot of my Artwork to the store. And whether you are looking for a nice Giclee Print or an original painting, there are lots of options and price points to choose from. I even have quite a few original drypoint prints of mine available – a very affordable way to begin collecting original artwork.


You can see all of my Artwork in the shop here.

Don’t forget, my shipping calculator has vastly improved and International shipping is now also very simple. If you have a question please always ask :)

I hope you have fun shopping! Sale ends 11:59pmEST on April 15th.

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NEW Rubber Stamps – FAN-tastic Designs & More!

I have some NEW rubber stamps coming out today! These have been in the making for a while and ever since I have been playing with them I cannot stop – I keep building new patterns. Are you a pattern lover too? Well check these out: First is the FAN-tastic stamps:

There are the two sets: FAN-tastic Large and FAN-tastic Small. The large ones measure 2.75″ across while the small ones measure 1.18″ across. These have six patterns each and can be arranged in all sorts of ways.

It makes me all giddy to see the Large Fan’s arranged in this colorful way. 

This is the Jewett Fan from the small set – tiled up in a classic art deco way.

But ooooo, they can also be arranged this way! This is the Broadway Fan.

And then there are the single stamps: Solid Fan and Solid Fan small – because maybe you want to put a color under your pattern fan…

And then there is also the Fan-fare set of four mini stamps…

These can make patterns on their own and wow are there so many ways to play…

Use them all together and make some awesome patterns! I am totally smitten with these :)

Ok but there’s more:

Those yummy Floral Tile Sets – one as a large one and one as a small one.

Here are the small floral tiles all next to each other

And the big positive and negative stamps used on top of each other.

You can use them as is, with some of the Stencils I have and also with some of the foam stamps. ANNNDDD of course they can be used with the other new stamps as well :)

ANNNNDDD another one I am soooo excited about – the Hex Sets. Again they come as a Large Hex Set and a Small Hex Set.

This is the large Hex Set- which measures approximately 2.75″ across

There are so many ways to use the Hexagons and arrange them to make patterns

but also to use the positive and negative patterns on top of each other

I cannot wait to show you even more of the patterns and designs you can create with those stamps! I can honestly say:

The possibilities of these stamps are limited only by your imagination

Here are all new sets now available in my store:

Comments (2)

  • Sue Clarke


    Brilliant combos Nat…especially made with the fan set!


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New ArtFoamies Stamps! Winter 2019 Release

My latest ArtFoamies foam stamp designs are here!!! These are all based on some cool mid century vintage stamp rollers I found in an antique shop in Germany. They are abstract, great for pattern and mark making, and I’m not gonna lie – they’re my new favorite stamps!!!

Here is the bunch :)

These play really nice together: Far Out, Funky, and Gnarly.

Gnarly used in this “You are Groovy” card.

Here is Far Out in some flaming hot red on a card.

Signals is perfect for all over pattern.

Here are Groovy, Jazzed, and Neato all together.

And here is Mid Century Squared repeated for a fun pattern too.

Join me this Friday January 18th at 12noon EST on Facebook for one of my LIVE Kaffeeklatsch chats. I’ll be showing the stamps and chatting with you as we go. It’s a lot of fun and I’d love to see you there.

Comments (2)

  • judy bliss


    these are fantastic.


  • Sue Clarke


    Far Out…I am in love with all of these!
    On my wish list right now Nat.


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Design Recharge – Follow Your Gut – Interview

I am super stoked that Diane Gibbs from Design Recharge interviewed me a couple weeks ago. I really enjoyed our conversation (and will def. check into her other interviews as well)  and Diane’s fun questions about how I followed my gut throughout my art career. Here is the interview:

Hope you enjoy it and find it interesting :)

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Happy New Year !

Thank you for all your support in 2018 !!!! I hope to see you in the new year either in person or online (Did you sign up for Creative JumpStart 2019? Don’t miss the last hours of the Early Bird Price and the most fun workshop starting tomorrow!).

On to a new chapter – 365 blank pages to fill!


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Best of 2018 – A Review

What a Year this has been! 2018 was a memory creating year for sure.

We added a new addition to our family- Bobby Pretzel! I came back from a workshop in San Jose with a Pretzel in my hands – LOL

He is not as tiny anymore but he still loves fetching the ball and we love him very much! (Niles our 18 1/2 year old cat might not love him as much though ;) )

2018 was also the year of some really cool visitors – and if you visited us and you don’t see yourself here- trust me – you are still cool and loved !

My friend Thomas stayed for a while and I loved having him as we share so many interests – it was an art, book, food, fun, chat filled visit.

I loved seeing my sweet Birgit again

and being part of my friend’s eloping wedding in NYC- what a wonderful sweet day in NYC.

2018 was also a crazy and gorgeous travel year – the highlight def. being our trip to Japan – Tokyo

and Kyoto with some inspiration for a later stamp

and Nara. Oh man- I so want to go back to Japan. It was one of the best trips ever!

But also two trips to Germany -visiting friends and family, teaching a workshop at the Baltic Sea and closing a part of our life as we sold our apartment in Hamburg.

A short trip to The Netherlands – Amsterdam – meeting friends and visiting old favorite spots. Amsterdam is actually the city where my husband and I got together :)

And last a short stint to Coventry the UK with my friend  Julie and a visit to the beautiful New Cathedral.

I painted a bit in 2018 – not as much as I wished I had but these are my two favorite paintings from 2018

This too Shall Pass

And “Behind the Museum” (sold)

It was also the year of some fun and special Art Strolls –

Hakone- Open Air Museum in Japan – can I come back soon?

An Art Stroll with friends at the Noguchi Museum

And a birthday Art Stroll to the Met Cloisters.

It was year filled with tons of wonderful memories! It is so good to look back at a year and get a grasp of all the fun and good things that happened – it puts things in a different perspective and shows me how blessed I was this year. I hope your year was a good year as well and you have wonderful memories that make you look back at 2018 with a smile. What made you smile this year?

Comments (4)

  • Jill McDowell


    What a jammed packed awesome year you had Nat! Thanks for sharing your special moments with us. Happy New Year!


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Awe- thank you Jill and thank you for being part of it!


  • Sue Clarke


    Happy New Year Nat and thank you for another year of light and inspiration!


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Thank you Sue! Happy New Year to you and your family as well!!!! Thank you for all your wonderful comments!!!


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Free Shipping Day is Here!

If you spend more than $20 today (December 14th, 2018) in my online shop, you can get free shipping in the US. Just enter the coupon code DEC14SHIP when you are checking out and all those goodies will get shipped to you for free! Who doesn’t like a little free this time of year?

It’s a great time to buy foam stamps like some of my bigger and bulkier favorites like the Santa Fe Positive Negative set:

Or the uber popular Midtown set for your next urban jungle :)

Or how about a few of those rubber stamp sets that are already on sale like my Stroll Through the Hood 1:

Stroll Through the Hood #1

Or my pick for anyone who loves architecture, the Stroll Around the Block set:

Of course there are mugs, and giclee prints, and STENCILS too.


You get the picture – spend more than $20 in my Online Shop and your order ships free in the US. Hurry up. Sale ends at 11:59pm EST tonight, December 14th, 2018.

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