Project 365 – Week 40

Of course I have to show you my photos from last week ;)

Und natürlich muß ich noch die Fotos der letzten Woche zeigen ;)


I found the Somerset Memories autumn issues in my mailbox and was really excited to see my article about Street Art as well some other published layouts in it.


Learning new things – it is fun :)


Working on a travel album.


Bought some nice colors for an upcoming event- learn how to not play to much with PSE – LOL


Arrived in The Netherlands after a 6 hour drive – so fun to have a weekend with Mrs. Liz :)


So much fun to have some hours with Vicki  – she is wonderful !


blurry pic of Vicki, me and Natasja. But we laughed a lot- so it is a good memory pic :)

…off for a new week to shoot pictures.

  • Michelle


    Such exciting things! Congrats on the lovely article.


  • christiane


    congrats my friend!! love the pics – especially the one from the ps-book!! LOL ;)


  • Cat


    Can’t wait to see you article, I was just in Borders and didn’t see it there. Looks like you had a wonderful time at your workshop.


  • Daphne


    Ah …. another article! Yay!!
    And I just love the size of those cute Golden bottles…. I want them all!


  • Vivian


    Thanks so much for your nice comment on my blog :)
    I had so much fun during your workshop last saturday, and I learned some new cool techniques!

    Know I want to have that Somerset magazine too ;)


  • milkcan


    Fabulous photos! Can’t wait to see your article in Somerset!


  • anja


    Great pictures and great week-end and I have to search for that somerset magazine overhere.


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