Project 365 – Week 10

Eine dieser Wochen, auf die man verzichten kann und auf die nächste auch gleich. jaaa- ich weiß, so kennt Ihr mich gar nicht, aber es ist halt so eine Phase, wo ich unglaublich viel arbeite (die normale Arbeit und die Scrapbook-Sachen ;-) ) und wo mal wieder gar nichts klappt.

This is one of those weeks I would love to totally ban from my mind and actually I know this is true for the coming week too. Yes – I know – you don’t know me like that, but this is a phase where I have so much to work (the normal work and the Scrapbooking related stuff ;) ) and nothing works.


First thing I do when I come from work, throwing keys and bag onto the table.


We often get silver trees with “evil eye stones” from our clients.They are supposed to protect us.


New Shoes …good feeling – empty pockets, guilty feelings – oh well :)


that is how I felt that day!


March 6-2009: Funny the Bridge – Schulterblatt – get’s more and more artsy. Love to see all the new little things each week.


Crazy saturday- just rushing around- at least I took the time to work out- that felt pretty good :-)


Tough week, nothing works as it is supposed to do, communication fails with many ends and on top…I scratched my LCD Monitor on my Camera – so here is my Mantra!

Have a good one :-)

  • heather


    Aww! You should get GOOD weeks.


  • AlexM


    big hugs to you Nat! Best wishes and Positive energy!!!


  • Schultze Tanja


    trotz allem hoffe ich du hast diese Woche eine bessere Woche!
    Ey, und die Schuhe sind echt der Knaller!
    Da schließ ich mich mywiel`s Frage doch gleich mal an!

    lg Tanja


  • Sylvia


    oh man, I do hope this week is gonna be much much better. *hugs* and take care!!
    (I love your 365 posts very much!!!)


  • kristii


    Sorry you had a tough week!! I hope today is the start of a beautiful week!! I love the photo of your Mantra!!! That is a good saying!! I totally love the shoes!! Way cute girl!!!


  • Melli


    tolle Fotos und die Schuhe sehen ja super aus … ich knuddel Dich mal


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