Five Questions for….Rachel Carlson

Rachel is one of those people that after several months of business work a friendship developed. I cherish our friendship a lot :) Besides that she has an amazing hand with artsy and creative work too!

2011 rach headshot

1. what do you do to get in your creative zone?

and it’s going to sound silly. i surround myself with my favorite inspiration, a polka dot rock found and given to me by my husband, a neat work space (as sick as that sounds), YES things need to be neat and organized, helps me envision calm and peace so that i can create great works. Sickening I know.

2011 acrylic lineup

2. Do you ever create hidden meanings/messages in your work?

most recently YES. i used previous travel memorabilia and ephemera from road trips as a base layer for my canvas. it helped evoke a sense of gratitude for making an upcoming road trip possible. more of a hidden meaning to myself than the person that will receive it as a gift.

2011 RC She Art road trip b

3. If your creative work were edible, what would it taste like?

A German-style beer (can I say that), ha. Tough question for me, all I ever think about is cupcakes and beer. Even when being creative. Ha.

rach at sprinkles2010

4. What is my favorite creation?

There are many but a very recent one tops the charts right now. Tough times call for desperate measures. My mother-in-law is making it possible for a LOT of things, even the road trip that we are about to embark on, hence me using previous travel ephemera in her canvas. I adore this woman, she is my biggest fan. I hope she likes this gift.

2011 RC She Art road trip a

5. What is your biggest creative success so far and why?

I’ve been published in books, magazines, online, etc. And I about came out of my skin when I was asked to join the 7 Gypsies creative team but nothing prides me more than my own will to take my creative life back most recently. Thanks to a recent creative workshop, I am going to be okay with time. Getting back to what I know and love is a huge success for me.

thanks Rachel :)

  • bonitarose


    fabulous interview.. thks Nat for doing this for all of us! hugs xo


  • Mandy Collins


    Great interview with Rachel and fabulous photos of some of her creations too


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