My Favorite Mixed Media Essentials: 4. Stamps

There is rarely a Mixed Media Project where I do not include stamping. By no means I am a stamping expert…but let me tell you about what I do and what I know and how I use them.

If you missed the other posts in this series – you can catch up here 

Stamping on Mixed Media Project is just one of my favorite techniques:

What I love about Stamps is:

  • I love that there is different sorts of stamps out there
  • they can be used with many different mediums: ink pads, acrylic inks, acrylic paints, resist mediums, gesso, tar gel, spray paints, pan pastels, water soluable wax bars and so much more.
  • they can be used for adding images or just adding visual imperfect interest
  • they can be used to lighten or darken a background
  • they can be used to add texture
  • they can be used to connect design elements
  • they can be used to unify a look
  • some of them can be used FOREVER…my wooden letter stamp set in the picture was the first stamp set I bought in 2003. I used it still A LOT! Worth every single cent!

Here are some examples:

using a bottle bottom for stamping

unifying the background

using a hand carved stamp to lighten background and adding visual interest

stamping with and into beeswax

adding visual texture with stamps

using foam stamps with spray paints and Derwent Artbars

using different stamps for layering in an artjournal

using stamps to create resist effects

using rubber text stamp to create overlay

My favorite Stamps:

As always in this series- the answer to this question is based on my preferences, my style and my experiences

  • one preference for me are rubber stamps that have writing – I love to include letters and text to my background. I have so many different ones from Stamper’s AnonymousDarkroom Door etc. to name just a few companies that do awesome Text Stamps in my opinion.
  • I love foam stamps– they are cheap and versatile and you can do an awful lot with them. That is why I offer an Online Class called Über*Media Foam Stamplifier – I find it simply amazing how many different ways you can use a Foam stamp :) My favorite foam stamps are made by Prima, but you can also make your own foam stamps.
  • constantly using bubble wrap, lids, corrugated cardboard and toilet paper tubes for stamping. Can’t get any cheaper and more handy. If you travel you will always find ways to stamp if you look for stuff like this instead of hauling lot’s of stamps with you for some traveling art.
  • letter stamps – my to go for titles and often a great way to add journaling on difficult surfaces.
  • hand carved stamps…getting there more and more. If you are interested in those, I highly highly recommend my friend’s Julie Fei-Fan Balzers Online Class on Stamp Carving. She rocks the house and is an amazing teacher!


huge hugs



If you want to learn more about foam stamps – check out my class: Über*Media Foam Stamplifier for just 9.99 USD

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  • Sue Clarke


    I made a LO with bubble wrap and paint last night and love using it. I got the idea from you a few years back. Thanks for the MUST HAVES series Nat.


  • Jessica


    thank you for this post — full of great info and links. xo


  • mjmarmo


    You have done some things with stamps that I have not tried. I should try them.


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