Project 365 – Week 25

This week was the changing week – LOL – changing weather everyday, changing everyday feeling with highlights-  all in all not a bad week :)

Diese Woche war irgendwie recht wechselhaft – LOL – wechselhaftes Wetter, wechselnd Normalität und Highlights – alles in allem keine schlechte Woche :)


I love slow breakfasts – esp. if my friend Liz comes by for one on my free day :)


When I was a teenager I refused to put anything into my hear…well…I guess I relive youth – or the 80s- LOL


I’m so done with the construction in front of our apartment…i want to see the sky!


LOL – while trying to shoot my yummie bowl with cherries, my cat came up and bumped against my arm. I think this photo came out pretty cool :)



Love the ceiling and wall in a store in my neighborhood


Kimmy and Christiane for a visit -eating a nice Currywurst :)


After all my visitors were gone I worked a bit more on some layouts- and here is a sneak :)

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Wünsche Euch allen eine wunderschöne Woche!

  • Michelle


    You live in such a beautiful place!


  • milkcan


    Looooooooooove your photos! You are doing an amazing job at keeping up with it all! Go you!


  • heather


    I love that little bee. I would also be done with the building construction.


  • Birgit


    Deine Fotos sind ganz wundervoll!!! Und dein Sneak macht echt neugierig :-))) Wünsche dir ne tolle Woche. drück dich…


  • Sylvia


    Oh, the sneak looks great! Looking forward to seeing all of it. I like the egg shot best. Makes me crave for one…. :)


  • christiane


    yepp, it was great to see you again, my friend!!
    and thanks for housing me.
    love your pics!! :D


  • Sue Clarke


    Great pics Nat. I especially like the cherry one!


  • Kim Sonksen


    Yeah, I can totally understand how you can be done with the scaffolding around your flat – that is SO intrusive.
    We had such a blast on the weekend. Thanks fro having me


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