Free Your Creativity Mixed Media Canvas Online Class starts tomorrow

Many of you told me that they would so love to be able to take the Canvas Class “Free Your Creativity” which I’m going to teach in Greece, Australia and Spain the next two months. So I thought…well…you can…LOL – Online – and I worked really hard the last couple days to make it on time before I leave.



Starting tomorrow- Friday April 1st at noon MST (Germany 20.00 Uhr) – and no …it is not an april’s fool – you can sign up for my new class at Craft.Edu . Right now I have only the link to the side that shows all my classes, so if you do not see The Free Your Creativity Class yet…it is not published yet ;)

WHAT You get:

This class will use Spraypaints and other Paintmedia and much more. You will learn how to create dimension and texture with Gesso and other fun materials and add visible interesting details with metal Embellishments.

All the techniques can be easily applied to future projects and layouts.
This workshop is for everybody who wants to do something out of the box and loves to try something new and playful.

In over 30 minutes Videos, Photos, Narration and Annotation I will lead you through the class and give you the possibilty to work in your own pace and time table. On top of that you can join my personal classroom in the CraftEdu Community to ask questions, talk to other classmates and share your outcomes of the classes with me and the other students.

Once you signed up you will be able to access to the class for 365 days and you can watch it 12 times.


The class will cost 21 Dollars – those that sign up the first 48 hours will get a discount of 25%- meaning you pay 16 Dollars. For the European Folks that are paying in EUR that means you will only pay round about 11 EUR.

Come and join me in this Class and free your Creativity.

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